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    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    LUV me as I am

    Hmm..Some things u might find out or know already.Everyone calls me Leigh :) Born here && half raised across the miles of Manila and San Jose,CA.I enjoy being around individuals who aren't boring,caring & hilarious.I consider witty humor an attractive trait.I have an intense schedule on my hands for the next few months or even years,with work.Those who love me truly understand! I am a full-blown LEO :) Eldest child of 5.If u ask,I will tell.I am ingenuous & can be too honest sometimes,but hell it makes me feel better.I am assertive & fast-paced,I know what I want & what I need to do to get it,we are all subject to our uncertainities but how we deal w/ it defines who we are! The weak & insecure are intimdated by it,while others love me for it.I have been described to be "uncategorizeable",so refrain from classifying me bcuz I will prove you wrong! I resist from being controlled or labeled,& function best in environments in which is flexible.I cannot stand annoying people who talk too much and those who try too hard;nor do I like to be irritated when I don't feel like talking.I love Japanese food,Italian food,anything FOOD!I am spontaneous & stubborn as they get. I have a PASSION for pinks && blacks,swimming & writing.It's what keeps me sane,& the only thing I am willing to make time for in my life right now.I am a frustrated singer,dancer and guitarist& I don't know why.I am Kid at Heart,o.c & mischievous when unentertained.I am a complete music lover!Challenge me.I like to win & suck at losing!Excite me.I admire fun individuals w/ a DRIVE for life who stand their ground.Inspire me!I respect people who hold self-confidence & take risks for what makes them truly happy.Some things I learned is,follow your dreams!Be adaptable,don't take anythng personal,never assume & always be willing to try.

    First things 1st.

    YEY! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to start this BLOG thingy! I have written hundreds of words and letters before and I don't know why this is the first time I am ever going to start an online blog. How unwise of me,eh? As I was saying,this is my 1st time. So,lemme just give you a lil sumtin what this blog is going to be about.And I gotta give credit to this one particular person who invited me to join this: WARD. Just a little envy and inspiration to create this blog. I went throught his and got fond of reading. And here I am. Starting on my own.