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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    A Wishlist + New Ink




    I'm at work, eating a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme,
    sipping on a morning coffee, checking e-mails,
    Facebook, blog hopping and still drying my hair. =D

    Ahh! This is life! :/

    BUT Sometimes, I'm bored with this kind of daily routine.


    Anyhoo, I've been making a list for
    some time now..or I just didn't have any post in mind. LOL

    Yehh well, it's never too late to make a wishlist. :]

    First off, I really need an e/s primer. Gahhhhh! I know!
    I'm such a loser. lol. I'm probably the last one
    to own one of this. :P But which of the two should I get?
    I've heard like a gazillion review about these e/s primers
    and people have raved about it so much, I'm torn
    between the two. I'm not really good when it comes
    to making my own decision. Sometimes I have to rely on what
    other people have to say. Haha. I really have
    oily eyelids & I need something that will hold my e/s for
    a long time w/o creasing. Don't want my e/s sliding off. Eek.

    This is the famous
    Sephora claims this as Best of Sephora.

    Pls. have your say.
    I would really love to hear about it.

    Coastal Scents 88pc Makeup Palette.Ü

    Hhh.. you guys have this already.
    Lucky you. :(

    Next, an eyelash curler.
    Cuz my old one broke.
    And haven't replaced it since. :P
    Of course, I want the Shu Uemura one.
    Perhaps, the 24K Gold one. :D
    Oooh I would also love to own
    a panasonic heated lash curler
    just like
    Fuz. Hihihi.
    Her lashes are so cute.
    I have like tiny-barely-there-lashes
    which really sucks. :(

    Then, a perfect red l/s.
    Not too vibrant, and maybe with a
    matte finish to it.
    I seriously don't know what
    I'd look like in red. :P
    Haven't really tried the whole
    red lips thing.
    I also want a MAC Pro Palette E/s x 15
    so I can start depotting my e/s.
    However, that also means,
    I need to fill it up Hahaha.
    Last but not least, makeup wise..
    I want a brush kit! No,
    scratch that.
    I want those MAC brushes.
    I wanna get 'em all/ or at least
    one at a time! LOL

    Moving on..

    Some hot finds at F21..
    I love their shoes!!! Don't we all? :]
    Since I'm petite, it's all about the heels baby!
    Gretchen Stud Pumps in Taupe
    Glam-rock peep toe pumps to complete a hottt outfit.
    A double ankle buckle closure, and open-cut sides.
    SEXY! I want! I want I WANT! (^.^)x
    Urban Behavior
    (one of my fave)
    Patent Peep Pumps $55.80

    [such a short list..]


    Dear ALL,

    I wanted to cover up my last fairy tattoo (the one on my back)
    with a much bigger one! I decided to get a flower.
    Tell me what you think! I wanna get all re-inked
    this week. Or perhaps, you know some site where I can
    get a few flower designs. Pls. tell me. I'm having a hard time
    figuring out what to get. It's such a drag! Huge! :P

    Whatchu think?


    Btw, went to the movies last night to see Transformers 2.
    We just grabbed dinner @ Chilly's, saw the movie and that was it.

    Got home @ 11:30pm. I was so ready to sleep.

    He said I look like a kid here. =P

    As you can see I have no makeup on and

    I don't remember if I brushed my hair.

    HAHAHAHA! Oh wells, it was a normal day.

    Totally left the house unprepared for the pictures. :P

    Here I was fixing my pink clip. Oh and I was wearing my batman tee. =P
    ♡ ♡ ♡

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Happy and Sad

    Some days,
    I'm happy being myself like this,
    Of course, that involves playing with makeup.Ü
    But how do I overcome boredom
    and a miserable routine week after week?
    I stroll in the nearby mall.
    Didn't have anything particular in mind..
    just came across this store w/c
    was obviously still closed.
    Do you see what I see?
    HK galore!
    WOW! Yipeeee! Can't wait to see
    what they have when they open up the store!
    Whudya look at cute top she's wearing with HK on it?
    Totally kawaii, eh?
    I don't know why I took this pic. LOL.

    There was literally no one around the mall.

    What's up with that?

    EconCrisis, maybe?

    Just wanted to show y'all something different.
    Doesn't it look scary? LOL jk.
    This is foreal yo! This is what the local women wear
    in Dubai when they're in public.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think
    it's called an "abaya."
    PARIS ALERT in Dubai!
    Yeah, yeah, she's here filming her show
    for the Paris in search of a new Bff yada yadah yadah.

    She has hers custom made.
    It looks really elegant.
    Doesn't she look like an arabian princess?Ü


    Moving on,

    BANGLES! got 'em on sale at this one
    accessories store (I forgot the name, lol.)

    Also, passed by Marks & Spencer..

    Some treats that I bought, perfect for

    my midnight snacks.

    Chocolate chip cookies and custard creams

    are my fave.

    I also do recommend getting the


    They're the best!

    The one that I bought didn't last a day.

    It was like milk chocolate in heaven.

    And yes.. I couldn't wait til I get home,

    *digestive milk chocolate cookies*

    After walking here and there, kinda got

    tired & checked this one cafe out.

    Ordered a long island iced tea..

    Yeah, it was that tall & I couldn't

    even finish it.

    I really have no idea why I'm taking all random shots of this & that.

    This is what greets you firsthand when you

    enter the cafe. Hahaha.

    Oh, here's another one..

    And anotha one..

    This cafe should be named Sheep Cafe instead of
    their boring Element Cafe name.. Pfff.. HAHA

    ZERO people.

    Onto the hauls..

    A colorful palette which brand is totally unknown.

    Kinda chalky but pigmented.

    Will work on the swatches..

    Oh and falsies of course.

    Total steal for the day.
    Got this @ Claire's 2 for like $3/-
    A baby chick & baby panda keychain.
    One for me & one for him.Ü
    It's so cute & tiny..
    Dress @ F21.
    Brown kimono style dress
    that came with the belt.

    Floral dress.
    Ahhh..perfect for the summer!

    The big flower reminds me of SJP's dress
    from Sex and the City.
    Ok..maybe, a little..(Btw, I so love her outfit)

    Fabric is pretty sheer, very soft. Me likey. Ü

    The flower. Ü
    What do you think?
    Should I take the flower off the dress?


    On a different occasion during the week,

    something made me really sad.

    and I mean REALLY, REALLY SAD!


    I GOT BURNED BY AN IRON, accidentally!!


    Now, I won't be able to wear skirts, shorts, or a dress!


    It looks a lot uglier in person.

    And it looks like a cut, but only its not.

    will also take a VERY LONG TIME

    before it heals and disappears. :(

    Anybody knows any treatment or ointment or
    whatever to make it less visible? I am desperate to know!
    Just when I thought my week was
    going smoothly, shit happens unexpectedly.


    I was awaken by the text that I received yesterday morning
    which made my day even sadder than ever.
    The King of Pop had just passed away @ 50
    from a cardiac arrest.

    I can remember clearly during the 90's,
    my grandma and I went to the mall
    and she wanted to buy MJ's cassette tape
    bcuz she liked the song "You are not alone"
    very much. She kept playing the song over
    and over until it gave up and went out
    of tune. LOL. She was a fan, & I became a fan.
    and He is a legend.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    (+) RIP Michael Jackson
    August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Everyday Browns + Sumfin sumfin

    It's been a while..

    I'm baaaccckkk!
    Has it been a week already?
    I was running out of things to post.
    LOL. SOrrieee.. So yeaa..
    It's been a real craze here & there,
    I've recently bought my MAC studio fix foundation, & guess what?
    I got it in NC40. Damn. I've tanned too fast.
    Don't mind the face pixz but it really does match
    my whole body skin tone in person.
    Blame the cam for the whitecast-ish. Haha.
    Or maybe I should
    stop applying this GARNIER skin naturals daily
    moisturizer on mah face..
    It's a FAIRNESS + DARK SPOTS prevention
    with pure lemon essence + long dan extract SPF 15.
    I've been using it for the past
    I dunno 2 weeks or so?! Yeaa, something
    like that. & I can say it works really well.
    The pure lemon essence and Vit. C helps clarify &
    smoothen the skin. Your skin will look naturally
    lighter & more even with a healthy glow.
    But ehh - maybe not this season
    bcuz I'm always in the sun. :/
    I'll take note of that for the -BER months.
    -when I start looking pale again. :P
    So, while I was away..(for not too long)
    I haven't stopped squealing like a lil piglet
    since the news broke out. LOL
    I wasn't ready for this,
    and I'm sure no one WAS.
    Especially THEM. HAHA.
    To cut the story short,
    I'm gonna be an Auntie.
    for the 1st time yo! & I am
    so damn excited about it.

    & hell, my bro's gonna be a Dad?
    Waaah.. (how long has it been since
    we were at Chuck E Cheese?)
    His girlfriend is 3mos. preggy and
    they're getting married next year!
    That's like WOW!

    (just so y'know, he's the 1 who just graduated from College)
    (he & the gf must've celebrated too much, eh?) hahaha.

    *Chesca as y'all know, is my 1st niece from my fave cousin,
    Look at her now!
    *Lara = my cousin
    but this time I'm gonna have a niece/nephew
    from my brotha. Yey!!
    I so love kids and I can't wait to have my own
    someday. Wahahaha..Ü
    Big smile on my face.
    Have I bored you enough
    with my personal life? Heee.

    Moving on...........

    -> I was surfin' around the net when
    I came across these photos from the
    Twilight sequel. AND I'm like..
    Edward Cullen!!!
    Kirsten Stewart & Robert Pattinson
    filming "New Moon" in Italy.

    One word: JEALOUS!!! =P

    *One lucky beeeeeeeetch!

    What's up with the black dots?
    Probably for the sparkles/or special effects
    when they edit the film.
    Hurry up November!
    I can't wait to see the movie!!