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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Lovepink's big MAC sale + giveaway + more

    Halluh ladies!
    What's happenin'?
    Welpz, I've got somethin' for ya.

    So, here's another giveaway for y'all blogerettes out there.
    I know there's been a lot of giveaways here and there lately.
    And I am itching to know when I'm ever gonna
    have my own.
    Haha. Perhaps, when I reach the 100th
    follower's mode, too.
    Yeh? Sounds good to meeeee. Hehe.

    ANYHOO, without further yada yada yada,
    just wanna letchu know that my girl
    a.k.a Lovepink, is having a really
    awesome big MAC sale + giveaway!
    Just some great stuffs. So please, check it out here.


    Moving on, I have nothin' much to show u guys
    becoz I've been too lazy resizing the photos
    & uploading 'em here. It takes so much time.
    WEEKENDS, just went grocery shopping, ate dinner
    @ China Times (great fried beef & noodles) Sorry
    I didn't get to take a picture of the foods we ordered
    because we were so damn hungry! HAHA.
    and then afterwards, we tried to catch the last full show
    the movie
    Angel's & Demon but both theater's
    we went to
    were FULL! Like literally FULL.
    I guess the movie was really nice, eh?
    Hmm..will probably watch next time.
    So yeah, this is me outside the cineplex.
    Trynna give that fake smile.
    I was so damn disappointed
    we didn't get to watch. :(
    Sorry I haven't done any makeup related
    stuffs lately, haha, will update this blog
    soon.Ü Been trying to stay away
    from putting on too much makeup
    when I go out to clear my skin up a bit.
    It's been hell hot out here, ugh.


    eri said...

    love the pics! very cute!!! :)

    becky said...

    you are so cute. i know what u mean. it takes me awhile to do a post with pictures and all :/

    Anonymous said...

    good luck w/the goodies!! yay for giveaways.

    hun i forgive u but next time u have to take pics of the food...hehehe

    LOVEpink said...

    yayy! thanks for posting about my giveaway and sale =) you and your bf are tooo cuteeee!! will DEFINITELY let you know when i come to dubai!! =) xoxo

    Anonymous said...

    Your face is soo interesting. You're so pretty!!

    Emeria said...

    aww thanks leigh!!! i love your purple top..purple is pretty much my fave. color..and you and your hubby look sooo cute together :]

    Anonymous said...

    You and your bf look so cute together! I enjoyed your pics! ;)