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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    myprettypinkbox Sold Out and more

    So, I've been MIA for quite a while. Well, not exactly,since I still leave my footprints off comments. But I haven't posted much cuz seriously, I 've been tryin' real hard to save up for a good cause. & what might the good cause be? Well, somethin' not beauty related or what happens to be more personal. I'm like the eldest of 5 siblings. Talk about a big family, eh? Yeah, so partly, I get to take 1/4 of the responsibilities of helpin' my Dad out for the family. And part of that meant financial wise. Which is kind of crucial at this time around, right? With all the recession going on & all 4 other sibs are still in school. It sucks. SO anyhoo, onto the part by means of saving, $5000 is needed for my baby sister's eye operation. That's like Php200,000+ in the Philippines to correct a muscle in the eye. And we're not even sure yet if that's all it'll take. My sister was born with the other eye smaller than the other. As pictured below. I dunno what it's really called, but it's like the other eye doesn't have an eye lid and no lashes, or somethin' like that. When she was a baby, that eye would like bring a tear every once in a while & would come worse when she has colds. (OMG! I hope she doesn't read this.) She's now 13y/o & starting to have crushes and all, & I feel like sometimes, she gets self conscious bcuz of the eye. It breaks my heart each time I see her sweeping her bangs to that poor lil eye to keep it hidden. We don't want her to have self-pity someday. So, I agreed to help out. After all, she's my sister. And I would never trade her for anything in this world. So, nuff about the drama...... I have other things to say. =)


    When I first heard & saw myprettypinkbox from Kim Tia in her previous posts, I was stoked. I wanted to own one, too! So, then a couple of weeks passed and I completely forgot about it, not til yesterday when I went to the site and found out that:

    I was like..OMG! This isn't possible. :( It made me so sad. They're sold out. I wanted to get one so bad. But that wasn't the saddest part about it 'til I also saw this. . . So, I said to myself.."Ok, so Canada is like really near U.S, right? So, why are they just starting to ship now?" Wtf! Shipping International immediately popped into my mindless brain! This is sooo not happening! I emailed Linda right away to ask if they do ship international. Which was so dumb of me, bcuz it was already written on the site that they don't. Forgive me if I hadn't read the entire thing. So yeah, I was a little bummed abt that. But I really wanna get one. Hmm, so I thought, maybe I could get my Dad to order it for me (since he lives in Cali) & send it to me here. But wait, Ms. Linda replied:

    "At this time, we only ship to the US and Canada. Where do you live? I love to swap and if I haven't swapped with anyone from your country, I can with you if you're interested. Thanks!"

    So, I told her I was outside Canada/US & won't be in CA for a while. So, I cannot wait long enough to try the pretty pink box. But weeeeeeeee! I still can't believe this is gonna be my 1st swap ever! HAHA! Okay, so here's the thing, can uhm, I get a lil help here? Since I'm new at this and all, can I ask for some suggestions what I might put in my box? She said she's not looking for anything in particular, face creams/cleansers, make-ups will do. Hehee, but ya know, I'd like to add a lil more. So, if you're reading this, please lemme know what you think would be nice to add in the box. Ok? I would really appreciate it. I AM SO EXCITTTED! :)

    I have always wanted to do a little swapping cuz I've seen/read so many of y'all with such pretty goodies. So, feel free if ya wanna do some swappin' wif meeeh :) I'd be happy to.

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    50% OFF E.L.F

    There are plenty of ways to look awesome without spending heaps on cosmetics. For those of you who likes cosmetics from ELF..They're having a 50% off at their new Studio Line if ya purchase $20 or more. Use coupon code STUDIOHALF & enjoy shopping! Ü

    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    GEO contacts

    Halluh ladies..♥
    Sooo, I've seen a couple of beauty bloggers wearing the GEO contacts and I thought maybe I should go ahead and try them myself, however, I have no idea whatsoever what I'd look like in them. Although, for one, I know that they're supposed to make the irish look bigger that would give off this supposedly-doll-eyes-look. Oh well, I dunno exactly. But the pictures below looked really pretty. But I just want a natural look for the eyes, nothing too alien looking or sumfin. So, yeah...

    I wanna get this. Does anyone have a picture of their 2 tones GEO contacts? I wanna see how it looks on real people and not just on edited pictures like this. More often than not, most colors are lighter than they appear on the photos they advertise. I know for once, bcuz I bought this coffee-brown contacts (or so I thought) (*I forgot which brand*) & I thought maybe it was a darker hazel color but once I put 'em on, I looked like an ill-diseased monster. LOL. OMFG! I hated it! It was so unnatural and I couldn't wear it during daytime cuz it would freak people out. HAHA! What a waste!
    Hhh... I was pretty contented with the Acuvue colored-contacts, but for some reason, I was stoked to see how many beauty bloggers have such great eyes! Weee! :)

    SO, please, please advice me what color to get.

    Traditional Jello SHOTS

    So, I have a friend who's going to celebrate her twenty-sumfin bday on the 24th and I know she's not havin' it big and all, so I'm planning on doing the traditional jello shots for her. HAHA! Everyone is so gonna love this for sure. But yeah, do u guys know any other recipe for jello shots other than the good ol' traditional one? Perhaps you have your own made up recipes or sumfin..
    10 oz vodka
    2 (3 oz) packages of Jello
    2 cups boiling water
    1 cup cold water
    Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Dissolve the packages of Jello in 2 cups boiling water, stirring for at least 2 minutes, until gelatin is dissolved. Stir in ice-cold waater and vodka. Pour mixture into shot glasses or paper cups. Let shots set in the refrigerator for at least 4 fours.

    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Apologize and Pain

    Apologizing doesn't always mean that you are wrong and the other is right.
    Sometimes, you just value the relationship more than your personal ego.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A big jar full of water gets emptied by just a small hole..


    A single pain could drain all the happiness of a loving heart.

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    She BANGS

    Okay, so, here's the thing with the BANGS! I'm trynna decide whether I should get them (again) or not. You see, I've always wanted like the perfect bangs, but somehow I never get the exact way I wanted 'em to be. I know most people are sick of 'em & some who have waited months & months are prolly already growing out their bangs by now. They even say bangs are so last season! But hey! It's always "tis the season to get bangs, right?" Or is it just me? HAHA..Ü

    Here's a pic of me last year. May 2008. I didn't appreciate much how the side-swept bangs turned out and I know that wanna-be-blonde streak looks so bad in this photo. But then at the bottom pic, the streaks faded and blended with my dark ass black/brown hair. Uh huh. SEE BELOW. One with good lighting and the other BAAAD. Do you see why those bangs aren't much attractive? They are freakin' thick and long. I'm tellin' ya, I can never get the right set of bangs hangin' in that small forehead. :(

    And then this was two years back when I dyed my hair like dark brown with a tint of reddish, or maybe what I thought seemed to be. I dunno what kinda color that crap was. Moreover, this is where I first opted with 'd side-swept bangs that only looked good for a couple of weeks.. UgH!!

    This is how it looked like in the side. I think it was pretty long actually. But ehh, moving on, I am still in the midst of analyzing the idea if I should get it again for the 3rd time, since...
    I dunno, perhaps, bangs are nice way to add flare to hairstyles. And plu
    s, I am super bored with mine just being long and tired of bad hair days! Although I know, it's still important that only certain styles will work with certain hair types & certain shapes of faces. Ugh!! As a matter of fact, I don't even know if my face is round, oval, square or heart shaped!
    Well, here are some pictures of some face shapes I found on the net. Hmm..still trynna determine what category mine belongs to. I'm thinking, maybe its a combination of both somethin' somethin'.. Hmm..

    Heart Face Shape - forehead is wider than jaw & chin is narrow
    The best heart shape styles are
    •Short and full
    •Long bangs
    •Bangs that are straight across

    Round Face Shape - face is wider than cheeks and chin is round
    Best round styles are
    •Long length with side swept bangs. .
    •Brow level layers in the front.
    •Layers that hit at the bottom of your chin.

    Oval Face Shape - long, with a high forehead and narrow chin
    Best oval styles are
    •Long layers
    •slightly off centered part
    •Layers that end at your cheeks

    Sqaure Face Shape - forehead and jaws are about the same width
    Best square styles are
    • Sideswept bangs
    • Shoulder length haircut
    • Short layers

    Anyhoo, Iim still in search of the bangs Ima get at the end of the month. So far, I ended up with these:

    I wish I had this hair!
    And look at his babe here. Talk about long ass hair. But then again, it looks similar with the bangs I had before. So, nahhh... I guess I'll still look for more hairstyles. :/

    I think this is one is rockin'. I'm diggin' this TOO. =P She looks like a doll. But then again, when I come to think of it, this kind of bangs will prolly take up my entire face. :(So, I will leave you with this last pic! HAHA! See my tiny forehead? It's so hard to achieve that effin' bangs that I want! Grrrrrr! Damnit!

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Roses and Thorns

    Never tell yourself, "I'm tired." because the more you accept that thought, the more exhausted you'll become. Life is a matter of perspective; either you complain bcuz roses have thorns or you rejoice bcuz thorns have roses. It all depends on how you look at it.
    Have a wonderful & inspiring week! Ü

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    Happy Heart's Day

    BEFORE ANYTHANG ELSE, JUST WANNA SAY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL THE BEAUTIES ALL OVER THE WORLD. Well, I hope everyone got spoiled; cuz I know somehow, I did.. =] The flowers & chocolates did much to spread love & affection. Not to mention an instant gift when we passed by Zara @ the mall. LOL. && so what happened was, we pretty much just had dinner with some of our friends @ ponderosa. (everyone was so damn exhausted & tired as hell cuz we all juz got out from work) & then later on that night Lovey & moi watched a movie after =P AN EXTREME V-DAY MOMENT,eh? HAHA. so,how was yours ladies?

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Brow Finisher

    Okay, sooo...basically, I've always envied girls w/ way better brows than me. I personally like some beauty blogger's like uhm..Makeup Babble.. Like, they were put into perfection or or something. Y'know, the perfectly arched, perfectly shaped eyebrows. I feel that mine is not neat enough or is a bit short. Ugh! And I am not satisfied with the shape. I don't know what's the deal with neat brows, but it pretty much emphasize the whole face. Like honestly, I think that if you have the right brows, then you're good to go. It says so much about the feature of your face and it carries so much about the whole look. Ugh! I'm prolly just being too weird about this. Haha. So anyways, I've been using this MAC brow finisher stuff that I recently got & I don't see it working for me. Ahh! I guess I'm just lacking experience & practice on this. :/ I was better off with putting a brown matte e/s & brushing it off with a clear mascara. Heehee..

    So, as you can see, the color is pretty much light which is good, cuz I think my brow hairs are a bit dark color.HAHA.So yeah, this MAC brow finisher is in Beige Blonde. It's a slimline wax-style grooming tool specially formulated to shape and hold the brows in place while providing them with a sheer, slick, polished and conditioned-looking finish. Smooth, non-sticky & easy to use. It comes in a slim mechanical applicator. Goes on smoothly, precisely via its slant tip. And comes in 5 natural brow tones, too. But ehh, I dunno. It's easy to use & all if you're in a hurry.. :/

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Doses of Sanity

    1. Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead.
    2. You don't get anything by being miserable, so you might as well be happy.
    3. If you can't solve it, it's not a problem-it's reality.
    4. Insane people are always sure they're fine. Only sane people are willing to admit that they're crazy.
    5. Happiness is like perfume; you can't pour it on others without getting a few drops on yourself.

    Have a nice day everyone.

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Missha BB Cream Watery + Freshwater eyes

    Ahh! Finally! My very first BBC! I have been searching for so long. I've been reading reviews from other beauty bloggers about the whole BB Cream thingy & decided to get one. Well, what I really wanted to try was the L'egere or the SkinFood's bbc, however, I got no luck with either one. So, here's a try to my very 1st BBC..will be looking for more. :)
    M BB Cream Watery SPF27 / PA++
    What it says:
    Containing a generous amount of moisture, M Watery B.B Cream helps create glowing skin with its natural coverage. It's moisturizing & antioxidant ingredients protect your skin and make it comfortable with moisturized and cool afterfeel.

    Sooo, they're supposed to blend in.. hmm..well, it kinda did, I think. I has a nice smell to it and the consistency isn't too thick & not too diluted either. It was just like a tinted moisturizer & the coverage was ehhh..maybe 3 out of 5. Couldn't say it was that great. It was pretty sheer but slightly smooth. Didn't stay much long. So hhh...would have to say that I should try more BB creams.. =P

    Anyhoo, here is also a first trial. I'm tellin' ya, I ain't much great with blending yet. :( I have always admired how other bloggers did their EOTD. They must've practiced a lot back then. Hehe..So yeah.. =P

    E/s used:

    MAC Freshwater all over lid

    MAC Black Tied outter

    MAC Claire de Lune as highlight to brow bone

    Me still trynna learn how to do EOTD looks & the art of blending. :) I love how bold the blue color turned out. Ahh! I need to practice more with colors. Weeeeeeeeee! Must go lurk & read more tutes. :)

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    Baby Chesca

    This is our baby girl Chesca. This is her favorite nap time. LoL. And she's turning 5 months on the 14th. Yay! :) She's grown so fast & big. :)

    NARS and some Shoes

    Hello world..yes! I am back! Still alive & doin' good. :) I have been sluggish lately, too lazy to put up a new post.. I know..then I realized, I couldn't let this pass. LOL. I was busy with work. Y'know gotta/need tah Hustle hard. & then my Lovey got sick for a couple of days so I had to take care of him as well. But anyhoo, all that happened in between pretty much paid off cuz I got to go to Sephora & purchase some NARS & went shoe crazy over ZARA, COSTA BLANCA, Urban Behaviour & VINCCI. Yes, I got 4 pairs in a 2 hrs LOL. Not bad. To think that I can be fickle minded at times. So yeah..onto the pics. they weren't many. I only picked up 3 for now; for me to try. :)

    Sephora. Where else?

    As you can see, the receipt is still inside the bag together with the NARS stuffs that I bought. Btw, this is my 1st time to try NARS products. So, I went with the basics, or with the reviews I read most about. LOL. I trust the beauty bloggers on this.
    NARS blush in Orgasm

    Btw, I wanted to get the duo that comes in Orgasm/Laguna to save a few but unfortunately, they didn't have any stocks on that, but they had the Multiple Duo in St. Barts/Copacabana. Which I will prolly try next time. Haha.
    NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
    NARS Lipgloss set

    Moon Fleet - Risky Business - Stolen Kisses
    (Swatches) Risky Business - Moon Fleet - Stolen Kisses
    -taken a couple of minutes ago from posting this up. i was bored as hell at work. wasn't trynna be emo or anythang. i wanted to show the hair poof i did with my hair but this looks hella retarded. i can never take good pics by myself. hahahahahahahaha.

    Also, I went shoe-gazing while these shoes were on sale & decided to buy all. :) yay!

    Costa Blanca Black Pumps - I <3>

    from Urban Behaviour

    from Vincci

    Zara basic flats ;)

    Okay, like what I said from my previous post, the DSF thingy went on for almost a month & now I'm totally broke. LOL need to start saving up for something really important.. :-/

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    MAC mini haul

    So, I was pretty happy today bcuz my MAC orders came in this morning. And these are the items I purchased for like $7 for each e/s. Pretty cheap, I suppose, compared to like $14.50 in the MAC actual site. I bought them at this local ebay kinda site here. Oh and uhmm, SORRY about the glares in the pictures. I swear my cel takes the worst photos ever!!! But I couldn't wait for me to get home so I had to improvise using it. :( ANYHOO,I cannot wait to try these shades.Yipee! Btw, I also got this Brow Finisher in Brown Beige. See below.

    And so yeah... still waiting for more MAC products to come, too. Now I need to pay more close attention to my make-up gurus. Heehee. :]


    If you're about to undergo a painful experience, try drinking more water.
    According to research, thirsty people are more sensitive to pain.

    -Reader's Digest

    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Are you OC

    Hello world. Lemme ask you something. Are you constantly checking to see if the doors are locked, the lights are off, or are you pestered by inappropriate thoughts? Well, then, find out if you're suffering from OCD!!! Ohhkay, it's not like I'm scaring you off or something..

    OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive disorder, which is a mental disorder btw. It is most commonly characterized by repetitive thoughts resulting in compulsive behaviors & mental acts that the person feels driven to perform.

    So, while some of us are unaware of this disorder, here's a brief 411 for y'all. Symptoms may include the following:
    • Repeated hand washing. This is related to the fear of contamination by germs or infection with body secretions or after touching anything they consider dirty. ( And lemme tell ya, I do this more than often. I even sanitize every single minute I touch something. & lemme fill ya in a lil sumfin, during my intern days at the hospital, there's this one doctor who always uses a tissue to turn the door knobs. LOL. He is soooo freakiiin' OC!)
    • Repeated clearing of the throat, although nothing may need to be cleared.
    • Specific and unusual counting systems such as always counting in groups of 5. Stopping every 12 steps, making sure everything comes in pairs, etc.
    • Rearranging objects in a rigid manner.
    • Having to “cancel out” bad thoughts with good thoughts like replacing sexual thoughts with non-sexual ideas.
    • Continuous worry about specific activities such as sleeping and eating without “required items”, such as inability to sleep without a specific blanket.
    • A need both sides of the body to feel even. What was performed by the left hand must also be done by the right. In some cases, the preference is not for evenness but for only one side of the body doing action.
    • An obsession with numbers. For example, some OCD sufferers are obsessed with even numbers while loathing odd numbers.
    • Twisting the head on a toy round, then twisting it all the way back exactly in the opposite direction.
    • A habit to check everything multiple times. This includes things like checking that you have locked your car several times, turning the lights on and off a number of times to check if they are really off or checking if the door is locked. They usually realize that their obsessions are irrational.
    The phrase "obsessive-compulsive" has become part of the English lexicon, and is often used in an informal or caricatured manner to describe someone who is meticulous, perfectionistic, absorbed in a cause, or otherwise fixated on something or someone.Although these signs are often present in OCD, a person who exhibits them does not necessarily have OCD, and may instead have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) or some other condition.