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    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Brow Finisher

    Okay, sooo...basically, I've always envied girls w/ way better brows than me. I personally like some beauty blogger's like uhm..Makeup Babble.. Like, they were put into perfection or or something. Y'know, the perfectly arched, perfectly shaped eyebrows. I feel that mine is not neat enough or is a bit short. Ugh! And I am not satisfied with the shape. I don't know what's the deal with neat brows, but it pretty much emphasize the whole face. Like honestly, I think that if you have the right brows, then you're good to go. It says so much about the feature of your face and it carries so much about the whole look. Ugh! I'm prolly just being too weird about this. Haha. So anyways, I've been using this MAC brow finisher stuff that I recently got & I don't see it working for me. Ahh! I guess I'm just lacking experience & practice on this. :/ I was better off with putting a brown matte e/s & brushing it off with a clear mascara. Heehee..

    So, as you can see, the color is pretty much light which is good, cuz I think my brow hairs are a bit dark color.HAHA.So yeah, this MAC brow finisher is in Beige Blonde. It's a slimline wax-style grooming tool specially formulated to shape and hold the brows in place while providing them with a sheer, slick, polished and conditioned-looking finish. Smooth, non-sticky & easy to use. It comes in a slim mechanical applicator. Goes on smoothly, precisely via its slant tip. And comes in 5 natural brow tones, too. But ehh, I dunno. It's easy to use & all if you're in a hurry.. :/


    Iyah said...

    The contest ends Feb 28. I dunno if I'm going to send her my entries since I'm not "preppy" and I don;t have preppy clothes. lol :/

    calicolyst said...

    Nonsense. Your brows are perfect the way they are.

    Makeup Mama said...

    I don't know where this low self/brow esteem comes from, you've got great brows! Thanks for the shout out tho, my brows thank you! hope you enjoy the vid :)

    Donna Patrice said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Donna Patrice said...

    ey, GORGEOUS!! Everything in ur face is perfect! STop lowering ur self-esteem,ok?????

    Be proud coz u are totally beautiful..;)

    February 14, 2009 10:36 PM

    xphoenix06 said...

    Hey, I think your brows look very nice and natural, which to me is the best look brows anyone could have. I just recently got the MAC brow finisher too but in Wheat, and I'm loving it. Took me just a bit of practice though to make my brows look okay. I use to use the NYX brow powder before, but I had to switch cuz it started to irritate my skin around my brows. It's great when you're in a rush.