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    Monday, February 9, 2009

    NARS and some Shoes

    Hello world..yes! I am back! Still alive & doin' good. :) I have been sluggish lately, too lazy to put up a new post.. I know..then I realized, I couldn't let this pass. LOL. I was busy with work. Y'know gotta/need tah Hustle hard. & then my Lovey got sick for a couple of days so I had to take care of him as well. But anyhoo, all that happened in between pretty much paid off cuz I got to go to Sephora & purchase some NARS & went shoe crazy over ZARA, COSTA BLANCA, Urban Behaviour & VINCCI. Yes, I got 4 pairs in a 2 hrs LOL. Not bad. To think that I can be fickle minded at times. So yeah..onto the pics. they weren't many. I only picked up 3 for now; for me to try. :)

    Sephora. Where else?

    As you can see, the receipt is still inside the bag together with the NARS stuffs that I bought. Btw, this is my 1st time to try NARS products. So, I went with the basics, or with the reviews I read most about. LOL. I trust the beauty bloggers on this.
    NARS blush in Orgasm

    Btw, I wanted to get the duo that comes in Orgasm/Laguna to save a few but unfortunately, they didn't have any stocks on that, but they had the Multiple Duo in St. Barts/Copacabana. Which I will prolly try next time. Haha.
    NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
    NARS Lipgloss set

    Moon Fleet - Risky Business - Stolen Kisses
    (Swatches) Risky Business - Moon Fleet - Stolen Kisses
    -taken a couple of minutes ago from posting this up. i was bored as hell at work. wasn't trynna be emo or anythang. i wanted to show the hair poof i did with my hair but this looks hella retarded. i can never take good pics by myself. hahahahahahahaha.

    Also, I went shoe-gazing while these shoes were on sale & decided to buy all. :) yay!

    Costa Blanca Black Pumps - I <3>

    from Urban Behaviour

    from Vincci

    Zara basic flats ;)

    Okay, like what I said from my previous post, the DSF thingy went on for almost a month & now I'm totally broke. LOL need to start saving up for something really important.. :-/