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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    She BANGS

    Okay, so, here's the thing with the BANGS! I'm trynna decide whether I should get them (again) or not. You see, I've always wanted like the perfect bangs, but somehow I never get the exact way I wanted 'em to be. I know most people are sick of 'em & some who have waited months & months are prolly already growing out their bangs by now. They even say bangs are so last season! But hey! It's always "tis the season to get bangs, right?" Or is it just me? HAHA..Ü

    Here's a pic of me last year. May 2008. I didn't appreciate much how the side-swept bangs turned out and I know that wanna-be-blonde streak looks so bad in this photo. But then at the bottom pic, the streaks faded and blended with my dark ass black/brown hair. Uh huh. SEE BELOW. One with good lighting and the other BAAAD. Do you see why those bangs aren't much attractive? They are freakin' thick and long. I'm tellin' ya, I can never get the right set of bangs hangin' in that small forehead. :(

    And then this was two years back when I dyed my hair like dark brown with a tint of reddish, or maybe what I thought seemed to be. I dunno what kinda color that crap was. Moreover, this is where I first opted with 'd side-swept bangs that only looked good for a couple of weeks.. UgH!!

    This is how it looked like in the side. I think it was pretty long actually. But ehh, moving on, I am still in the midst of analyzing the idea if I should get it again for the 3rd time, since...
    I dunno, perhaps, bangs are nice way to add flare to hairstyles. And plu
    s, I am super bored with mine just being long and tired of bad hair days! Although I know, it's still important that only certain styles will work with certain hair types & certain shapes of faces. Ugh!! As a matter of fact, I don't even know if my face is round, oval, square or heart shaped!
    Well, here are some pictures of some face shapes I found on the net. Hmm..still trynna determine what category mine belongs to. I'm thinking, maybe its a combination of both somethin' somethin'.. Hmm..

    Heart Face Shape - forehead is wider than jaw & chin is narrow
    The best heart shape styles are
    •Short and full
    •Long bangs
    •Bangs that are straight across

    Round Face Shape - face is wider than cheeks and chin is round
    Best round styles are
    •Long length with side swept bangs. .
    •Brow level layers in the front.
    •Layers that hit at the bottom of your chin.

    Oval Face Shape - long, with a high forehead and narrow chin
    Best oval styles are
    •Long layers
    •slightly off centered part
    •Layers that end at your cheeks

    Sqaure Face Shape - forehead and jaws are about the same width
    Best square styles are
    • Sideswept bangs
    • Shoulder length haircut
    • Short layers

    Anyhoo, Iim still in search of the bangs Ima get at the end of the month. So far, I ended up with these:

    I wish I had this hair!
    And look at his babe here. Talk about long ass hair. But then again, it looks similar with the bangs I had before. So, nahhh... I guess I'll still look for more hairstyles. :/

    I think this is one is rockin'. I'm diggin' this TOO. =P She looks like a doll. But then again, when I come to think of it, this kind of bangs will prolly take up my entire face. :(So, I will leave you with this last pic! HAHA! See my tiny forehead? It's so hard to achieve that effin' bangs that I want! Grrrrrr! Damnit!


    FuN and MakeUp said...

    i want that hair too! i saved the pic incase one day i ever wanna dye my hair hahahha. u should leave ur bangs for now.. i like how it is! but side bangs are also cute tooo

    Anonymous said...

    Ergghhh bangs are quite hard to pull off and it requires a lot of thinking... well at least for me. lol. Basing on the pics you posted, you look really good with side bangs!!! sometimes having blunt bangs like the one that tila has can make a person look younger. But you know what they say, its just hair and you can do whatever coz it'll grow back! ~_^

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    @ katin - yeah!the one tila has is so cute and would make me look like a kindergarten!haha.& sure it'll grow out,the thing is,im not sure if the hairstylist will do a great job cutting it.ugh!!!!!!

    Nu Nu Doll said...

    I love you hair now! :) Have you ever tried the clip on bangs? I think you can find them online... I love hair extensions, you can change your look all the time.