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    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    Cheap or Scam

    Okay, so this morning my boyf's cousin messaged me about this one site.
    She asked me if I wanted to order something so I said yeah I might,
    I'll check it out later (cuz I'm at work, and I don't wanna browse while
    handling some phone calls) AFTER that, I couldn't wait to see the site
    she was talking about, so I browsed.........................
    And look what I FOUND...damn cheap prices for the set of MAC brushes!
    AM I CONVINCED? Hmm....... I don't knowwwwwwwwww..

    I needed to see more..There were a lottt of HK lipgloss colors to choose from
    but I don't remember seeing all of 'em from the collection.
    ALSO, Did MAC really come out with this kind of packaging for cream foundations?
    I don't think so.............

    take a look for yourselves and lemme know what you think about it.

    Saturday, October 3, 2009


    Hey everyone, I'm back!!!
    Yeah, yeah, took me a while to come back, I know.

    I was MIA for so looong.
    Did you notice that?
    It has been a tough month for me && one thing for sure,
    September, you sucked!! (well, except for these photos of course)
    I say, one month of problems were too much to handle so
    that didn't give me much chance to blog. For instance,
    I was sick for 2 damn weeks, thinking I might've
    caught the h1n1 shit, only I didn't, also; this stupid
    vertigo keeps hunting me, (I shall discuss about it on
    another post) being kinda broke, that mad typhoon
    in the Philippines, it totally scared the hell out of me.
    It was a terrible tragedy, I was sick and worried about
    my family back home. I couldn't help it.
    On an unrelated note, I got a warning from work
    for coming in late TWICE. Ugh! Lame.
    Other than that, I hated the feeling.
    I had to come to work feeling shitty one day and another.

    However,, 'nuf said,
    a lot has been DONE and I'm doin' ok now,

    (I think?!)

    I got my much anticipated & definitely needed break ( for a few days)
    We went to ATLANTIS,

    (no, not Atlantis-Bahamas, although I really wish it was)
    but at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai,
    which probably is as good.

    Breathtaking attractions & incredible
    world or aquatic wonders..Yay.
    So, I'll just let the pictures speak for itself.

    There were no other photos taken during the experience
    of the AQUAVENTURE because I have no
    waterproof camera! :P


    The famous ATLANTIS Hotel.
    It was a great weather that day.. Not too hot.Friends.
    The view.
    Prices $$$Huge Fish Tanks inside Hotel
    Cute turtles

    It feels like I'm in a castle under the sea :)

    Aquaventure Hotel guests wrist bands.

    Makeup free :)

    School of fishies :P

    hehe whatta retard LOL

    group pic YAY
    INK, INKS, INKEDWe're on FI-Ahhhhhhh!
    picture break..

    I tried the LEAP OF FAITH yo!

    scared as hell.. :P

    survivin' the leap of faith part UNO
    after these takes, we tried the other rides.
    it was fun, fun, FUN!

    @ the Shark filled Lagoon
    chillin' at the beach