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    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    Cheap or Scam

    Okay, so this morning my boyf's cousin messaged me about this one site.
    She asked me if I wanted to order something so I said yeah I might,
    I'll check it out later (cuz I'm at work, and I don't wanna browse while
    handling some phone calls) AFTER that, I couldn't wait to see the site
    she was talking about, so I browsed.........................
    And look what I FOUND...damn cheap prices for the set of MAC brushes!
    AM I CONVINCED? Hmm....... I don't knowwwwwwwwww..

    I needed to see more..There were a lottt of HK lipgloss colors to choose from
    but I don't remember seeing all of 'em from the collection.
    ALSO, Did MAC really come out with this kind of packaging for cream foundations?
    I don't think so.............

    take a look for yourselves and lemme know what you think about it.


    Askmewhats said...

    oh no oh fake..please..tell your friend that!

    Jasmin said...

    OOohh.. I don't remember them having something like this.. Hmm..

    Michelle said...

    Definitely fake.
    Please don't order anything.

    Makeup Mama said...

    yikes, MAC cream foundation hasn't looked like that since the 90's...and still, I can tell it's not the same. HK didn't have a ton of l/g colours so it's a total scam!!

    Neeyuh said...

    i agree with everyone else, totally fake! i actually seen something similar to this at a swap meet where they claimed it was real MAC when it was actually all cheap fake stuff. So definitely don't order from there!

    Anonymous said...

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    lindah said...

    saw this from PINK's blog, Thanks for the heads up :D Hope you don't mind me spreading the link around! ^_^

    Louis said...

    Although they are fake, the probably is still probably pretty good for their cost.

    They probably did come from the same factory. Often times the difference between the real stuff and knock-off stuff is just the time at which they were made..