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    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Canker Sores

    And I've always thought it was called cold sore. LOL How dumb of me. HAHA! SO anyhoo, I wanted to blog about this because I get it very often. This little canker sore can be very painful like hell. They're also known as internal mouth sores or rather apthous ulcer which are usually formed on the soft parts of the mouth, such as inside the cheeks , gums & worse, on the tongue (which btw I have right now.) They usually start out as a little red bump & eventually will pop & will be white or yellowish crater thingy with a red border. GROSS! I KNOW! And so yeah..that is waaaay different from cold sores which are btw formed outside the mouth or on the lips.&& to make things clear, canker isn't contagious & are NOT caused by the herpes simplex virus. Cause is still unknown though. :[

    Those who have had canker sores know the feeling of how painful the burning and sting sensation when agitated which causes restrictions in eating certain foods & rather makes eating a little difficult as well. They usually last around 5 days or even a week. I'm telling you, it's like a freakin' burden!!!

    But how do I overcome it? HA! I found the best way for me to get rid of it. I simply place a small piece of cotton ball inside my mouth where the canker sore is reclined and sleep on it overnight..& voila! When I wake up in the morning, this freakin' canker sore will then stick to the cotton ball. (& NO! I don't accidentally swallow it when I'm sleeping) It will look gross at first. But atleast, the tingling is off. Ugh!

    Annnd, I got the hang of this routine.. I've been doing it since I could remember.

    I have tried and tried so many over the counter medications such as Oragel for oral pain & then some..but none of it worked on me. They just made spit gather in my mouth whenever I place that shit in my mouth. Totally useless. So I'd rather go conventional with my brilliant idea than end up worsening my pain. HAH!

    LOL! Notice how I made the picture small cuz it grosses the hell outta meeeeeeeee...Ewwwwww!

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Attention : W O R K A H O L I C S

    To all my fellow workaholics: We can be cured. The road to recovery won't be easy, but I have a 10-point program to help. Post these suggestions at your workstation as a permanent reminder of what not to do.

    1. Coffee is not breakfast.

    2. An afternoon pot of coffee is not lunch.

    3. Red Bull is not a substitute for sleeping.

    4. Don't "catch up on work" every weekend.

    5. Sleeping 16 hours straight on the weekend isn't really "catching up" on sleep.

    6. A lunch break is more than 10 minutes.

    7. Eating fast food in the car between appointments doesn't count as a lunch break, either.

    8. Cigarettes are not a food group.

    9. Typing is not exercise.

    10. Spending a week in bed sick recovering from doing all of the above is not a vacation.

    Moving On & Walking Away

    No...we did not split up nor separated if that's what you're thinking. Here's a thought to the fools since Heart's day is coming soon.. Enjoy lovahs! I can be quite random at times..SO WHAT? Deal with it! HAHA ♥

    Trapped in the past for too long..
    Let go of the past and move
    towards the future.
    Let go of regrets &
    rediscover happiness.
    Let go of yourself
    & find True Love.

    Know when to let go
    and walk away.
    If it's dead, don't go
    digging it up every 5 mins.
    to check for pulse.
    IT'S DEAD.
    Just walk away!

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    MAC at Souq just like Ebay

    Omg! So, I finally got to order some MAC products online without overspending because they were sold on this one local site which was sort of like an Ebay. However, bidding wasn't mandatory. I think I got a great deal out of it. Well, not quite sure since I haven't received the package yet. So, I'ma hafta wait for atleast 3 more days. YAY! So here's the stuffs that I got from MAC..just the basics for now. I hafta learn & invest on the good ones.


    MAC Brow Finisher

    5 MAC eyeshadows
    Actually, I ordered 5 of 'em. & I'll just post which shades I got moi next time. I shall take a nap now..I'm a bit tired from too much browsing. Hhh..

    2009 Year of the OX

    Year of the OX
    1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
    YEAH BABY! It's my year! And I bet it's gunnna be goooood!!!
    Here's an overview for mah fella oxen: The Ox can do well this year through steady progress. There may be a number of experiences that will provide great joy for the Ox. One area, in particular, is the Ox's personal life. You may see an addition to the family. You will be surrounded by those who care. Look for the early summer months to attend many social occasions, providing many new faces in your social circle. One area of focus is to be open to the advice of others, as you tend to keep your issues to yourself. Overall, your own year can be one that you will look back on with pride and a genuine sense of achievement.

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Emirate Heavy Snowfall

    So much for the Raaiinnn..let's talk about SNOW!

    AND who says Middle East countries don't have snow on Winter? HAH! Take a good look at these photos! Ras Al Khaimah, (prolly 1 and a half hour from Dxb) one of the 7 emirates in UAE, experienced a heavy snowfall last Friday night which eventually lasted until midnight covering the mountains with 10cm of snow! Yey!Ü Well, it was quite astonishing, isn't it? Ü Check out that arabic scripted on snow. LOL

    Also, FYI, RAK plans on building a mountain resort & ski slope on top of the mountains due to its alluring climate and marvelous scenery. Maybe then I could learn to snowboard, too! Awesomeness right?! Ü

    Saturday, January 24, 2009


    Despite the fact that it was always as sunny as hell out here, winter came along but brought some rain! I will never underestimate the climate changes ever again.

    Yesterday, I planned the perfect timing for us to go to the Souq/Souk, so I can get some blings for both our granny's who still adore those shiny-looking-auric-gold bonanza. I woke up damn early for me to get ahead of time to finish all the stints on the every Friday based effin' day. Morning and afternoon was quite chilly but sunny. Hooray for that. Not til the last minute I had to drag him out. & to my was freakin' raining like MAAAD! How was I not aware of that? Have I been compromised for the fact that I don't usually watch the weather channel or something? It was bull! I hate the rain and I hate gettin' mud & shit on those clean shoes/flip flops. make things more suitable, we decided to order some food & spend some quality time together.YAH! That makes some people gag. When we're literally together every single minute. But who cares if Im gettin' all the lovin anyway. Me likey!

    And so yeah..I didn't wanna go out so I just watched the rain from my window. Sigh! I was gulpin' on some Melon shake which would've froze my ass if I went out & about then. Hhh...I guess I would hafta pencil it in another day.

    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Whatta Day

    There's nothing quite like an effin' stress day at work. . . Le sigh!

    This morning, I woke up freely cuz I got to embrace a good night sleep,but forgot some things at home, went to the Bank early to get my new card & got to work 5mins late and drank my all time favorite hot choco which never lets me go to Starbucks anymore.

    I sit, turn on my computer which never fails to be slower than most pc's are, & continue the day with my daily routine. At some point, I look at the damn clock & ask myself why it hasn't moved when I feel like I've been sitting my ass there all day long. & I thought to myself, it was another crappy day that I had to survive without losing too much of my temper.

    Lately, I have been constantly irritated with this guy at work. Perhaps 2 weeks straight to be exact. His ego is so over rated it just makes you wanna smack him in the head. Everytime he sees me doing literally good at work, he boasts to himself he was always the better one. Like duh! As if I care. As long as I get paid from doin' what I do I would care less of him. He can keep his utterly cramped brain all to himself for all I know.

    But since it was Thursday.. it was a minimum day for me. Not too good bcuz during these days, it was my turn to cook at home. And hell, if it makes me feel a lot better, I'd rather give feet a rest.

    So, I head myself home with 2 newspapers in my arm 25 minutes than my usual time upon goin' home. I, for some reason is fond of reading articles that stimulates my mind for more than a little diversion. Agonizing and consuming! I KNOW!
    Anywho, DROPPED BY the grocery to pick up some meat, potatoes (which I really dig whichever way you cook it) & some other foodstuff. Also, sent money to mom & bro for their Birthday. Feels damn good when you hear people express their deepest gratitude y'know! & hurriedly went home to cook real FOOD! It takes me a while to get the hang of this but it was all good. Prepared food just in time before Hubby got home.. Chow down..& dunzo for the day.

    Then, continuance for me to take my beauty rest, every damn Queen needs idleness from time to time. Took my afternoon nap while baby did his thang.

    Woke up before dinner & here I am..awaiting for my next burden. So much for my so-called life..I am gonna call it a day.. Need tah run some errands. OFF tomorrow! :)

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    New Hope

    While the whole world kept their fingers crossed & stopped breathing for the most anticipated drive of their life, the long wait was over and a new American leader has been born before their very eyes. I can clearly remember discussing the politics with my Dad before the voting started.. && obviously, we wanted someone different to bring some good changes in the U.S history. && when the news broke out in the media, I was stunned. I guess I'm one helluva lucky proud ass tah be part of this Obama history,eh?! Obama won! Sure is great and all, he could be better than Bush. But let’s get serious here, he did promised change. But how are we gunna go around with that? Seriously, I don’t think U.S is the only fawked up country but the whole world is, too! Talk about the economy being doomed and the global crisis that’s hitting every single damn country there is. Its gunna take a long time to fix this. So, Mr. Obama here has got himself a hard ass time and I dun think it’s all gunna be cheery and shieh til after his 2 terms that is if he gets reelected. But ya know, it’s all good cuz at least there’s someone who’s gonna give it a shot. Afterall, he was raised of high class and high society.So, hopefully, he can be down to earth & reasonable like Clinton was. And I’m pretty sure he will try very hard to make an impression at the end.

    And so today, Tuesday, Barack Obama had his inauguration speech as the crowd gathered of his swearing in as President of the United States. Whew! The 44th US President..But being the 1st African-American President is woah! So yeah, hooray for that. But not keepin' much of my hopes up... Til then.

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Lost & Dinner

    Yesterday afternoon, there I was, sitting at work thinking about what I would be cooking for lunchner. && yeah, that's what I'd like to call it because I barely grab somethin' fo lunch @ work && to me, this seems as if I'm always in a terrible situation because lemme tell ya somethin', I don't really like cookin' and neither does cookin' really like me. && if I had to count how many Filo dishes I could prepare, I will just humiliate myself. lol (I guess taking up Foods Class 1 & 2 in high school didn't help much, ei?)

    So...if I would be on my darn-lazy-days to cook, I would just tell hubby to grab dinner some place else.

    Shortly after, thinking how to go on, hubby gives me a ring asking how my day was going & tells me to cook while he was out. HAH! Perfect timing I thought. Eager to find the right words to say, I managed to let it out telling him we should try something new to eat. :] *talk about lazy ass to cooook!!!*

    15 mins home..undressed..dressed..good to go..

    Anywho, as we walk along the mall, trynna find a good resto, we decided to grab Carinos. :]

    And so this is what I ordered. An italian spaghetti with chicken promigiana which was really big so I didn't get to finish. HAH! See pic below. Don't I just love pasta or what? Or maybe I was just too damn hungry with all the piles of work I've doing doin' lately && haven't been eatin' much. :)But his was good, too. He ordered the Carino's combo which was kinda tha same like mine but with lasagna. OH! And check out the shirt I bought him the other day when DSF began! Yay! I thought t'was rockin'. Teeheh! And never thought he would wear it,too. Cuz the last 4-5 shirts I've given him are still locked up with tags in his closet. Ugh!

    Yeah, well, I wasn't trynna be emo. LOL. Check out this resto. I feel like I'm at home. HEHE. He was always on the phone.. :( even if we were out...So, yea..after Dinner, we walked around the mall &did I mention? HE LOST HIS FREAKIN' WALLET when we were about tah go home? WAAAAAAAAA! SO, it's a sad ending for us..or maybe for him. LOL. I wanted to buy him a wallet that night but I think I'd just hafta wait til it really sinks down on him a little. :]


    Real Eyes
    Real Lies

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Bay Area!

    Ay Baybay! I've lived in Santa Clara and San Jose California for a few years. And lemme tell ya, there is nothing quite like the weather yo! Can be sunny but cold. Too cold for summer and a little warm for winter. If that makes any sense for you. Nothing beats the sun in Nor Cal.

    I know this is so random! Just wanted to share. Heehee. :]

    ♥ 408,Cali

    DSF - Day One

    16th January

    This is how my morning went…

    So liiike, this morning, I woke up at around past 10am. Just ‘cause I didn’t feel like interrupting my dream and from the fact that I did stay up late last night playing Scrabble with the gels after a bday party which was held at the flat// gone wrong after an icing cake was swooshed off everyone’s face. The gels & I are stoked to know that the DSF has finally begun and our ass was off to the nearby mall. I leave my house around 12ish, without grabbing brunch because I’m such an effin’ G. We then arrived to mall on time, and thank God it wasn’t crowded for the first time. Headed over Studio R where they had massive brands & started gazing here and there uncontrollably. It was crazy but good. Heh.

    Anyway, as I walk along brand by brand, I cross paths with good deals from Billabong. Okay…so what’s next? Gap, Roxy, Zara, Mango, Newlook, Nine West, Vincci & even Mac. HAHA. Yeah, I know. My mind started going all kinds of crazy and time never seemed so slow. And I’ve got to add, it took us 5-6 damn hours at the mall. Hahahahahaa.

    So, I crawl myself back home with tons of goodies, (not just for myself) & I finally realize, O M F G...the Shopping Festival isn't over until the 15th of February. & I already spent a few doughs already! HA HA HA. So til then, I am so gonna promise myself to wait til the end of the month to get back on track. :P

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    DSF 2009

    In the midst of processing all the conflict in Gaza & with the financial crisis, I came to the realization that this year's Dxb Shopping Festival begins today. And that means a diverse of events and activities will take over the malls across the state. This has got to be the biggest SHOPPING & lotsa spending that will invade our lives until the 15th of February!

    I can't begin to imagine how much doughs one will be able to spend in the whole month of high discounts. Talk about long extravaganza baby!!! The festivities will include more than you can think of - Circus, shopping, promotions, food, shopping, carnival, shopping, shopping & more shopping until you drop, fireworks, raffles & etc.

    Au revoir ♥

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    A Woman's Worth

    The beauty of a woman is not in the
    clothes she wears, the figure that
    she carries, or the way she combs
    her hair. The beauty of a woman
    must be seen in her eyes, because
    that is the doorway to her heart, the
    place where love resides. The
    beauty of a woman is not in a facial
    mole, but true beauty in a woman is
    reflected in her soul. It is the caring
    that she lovingly gives the passion
    that she shows and the beauty of a
    woman with passing years- only