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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    New Hope

    While the whole world kept their fingers crossed & stopped breathing for the most anticipated drive of their life, the long wait was over and a new American leader has been born before their very eyes. I can clearly remember discussing the politics with my Dad before the voting started.. && obviously, we wanted someone different to bring some good changes in the U.S history. && when the news broke out in the media, I was stunned. I guess I'm one helluva lucky proud ass tah be part of this Obama history,eh?! Obama won! Sure is great and all, he could be better than Bush. But let’s get serious here, he did promised change. But how are we gunna go around with that? Seriously, I don’t think U.S is the only fawked up country but the whole world is, too! Talk about the economy being doomed and the global crisis that’s hitting every single damn country there is. Its gunna take a long time to fix this. So, Mr. Obama here has got himself a hard ass time and I dun think it’s all gunna be cheery and shieh til after his 2 terms that is if he gets reelected. But ya know, it’s all good cuz at least there’s someone who’s gonna give it a shot. Afterall, he was raised of high class and high society.So, hopefully, he can be down to earth & reasonable like Clinton was. And I’m pretty sure he will try very hard to make an impression at the end.

    And so today, Tuesday, Barack Obama had his inauguration speech as the crowd gathered of his swearing in as President of the United States. Whew! The 44th US President..But being the 1st African-American President is woah! So yeah, hooray for that. But not keepin' much of my hopes up... Til then.