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    Saturday, January 24, 2009


    Despite the fact that it was always as sunny as hell out here, winter came along but brought some rain! I will never underestimate the climate changes ever again.

    Yesterday, I planned the perfect timing for us to go to the Souq/Souk, so I can get some blings for both our granny's who still adore those shiny-looking-auric-gold bonanza. I woke up damn early for me to get ahead of time to finish all the stints on the every Friday based effin' day. Morning and afternoon was quite chilly but sunny. Hooray for that. Not til the last minute I had to drag him out. & to my was freakin' raining like MAAAD! How was I not aware of that? Have I been compromised for the fact that I don't usually watch the weather channel or something? It was bull! I hate the rain and I hate gettin' mud & shit on those clean shoes/flip flops. make things more suitable, we decided to order some food & spend some quality time together.YAH! That makes some people gag. When we're literally together every single minute. But who cares if Im gettin' all the lovin anyway. Me likey!

    And so yeah..I didn't wanna go out so I just watched the rain from my window. Sigh! I was gulpin' on some Melon shake which would've froze my ass if I went out & about then. Hhh...I guess I would hafta pencil it in another day.