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    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Did ya miss me

    O-em-gee! I have been gone for the longest time!
    My blogging was put on hold for a moment there, I know! I got caught up with work and life and everything else between. Nonetheless, my passion for blogging has never changed. I still think about it. I was just sorta lazy to put it into words. My bad. Anyhoo, yes I am still alive and a lot has changed for the past couple of months. I have a lot of reviews to do, share and a couple of pictures to start of.

    JUNE 2010

    Honestly, I don't wear hella makeup at work. I try to keep it simple. Did I tell you how much I'm diggin' my Mac MSF Natural? It's one thing I cannot live without. It's not cakey, my face feels light and I don't need to retouch at all. It's an amazing stuff if you have normal to oily skin like I do. Cuz I've been trying to fight off oil eversince. I have tried so many different powder foundations and this is the only thing I have ever liked.

    JULY 2010

    My skin feels amazing and as I've mentioned on fb; I have been using Olay's Natural White Day & Night cream for a month and a half now. I bought it at a local CVS kinda store and it was like this type of kit where it came with a facial wash. AND this is the result. (Will give a review soon)

    AUGUST 2010

    I love Nars Laguna & Nars Orgasm together! They never fail to give me that glow that I need!
    Putting on bronzer in mid-Summer, nah I don't mind.

    Birthday 2010...
    I am officially 25. :)


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    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    The good and the bad

    "You have to love the good and the bad. That’s what defines a relationship. If it was nothing but loving every, single aspect, it would just be infatuation— which can’t be healthy."

    --Nicholas Weyrick

    In other words: sunny days wouldn’t be special, if it wasn’t for rain. Joy wouldn’t feel so good, if it wasn’t for pain.