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    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Lost & Dinner

    Yesterday afternoon, there I was, sitting at work thinking about what I would be cooking for lunchner. && yeah, that's what I'd like to call it because I barely grab somethin' fo lunch @ work && to me, this seems as if I'm always in a terrible situation because lemme tell ya somethin', I don't really like cookin' and neither does cookin' really like me. && if I had to count how many Filo dishes I could prepare, I will just humiliate myself. lol (I guess taking up Foods Class 1 & 2 in high school didn't help much, ei?)

    So...if I would be on my darn-lazy-days to cook, I would just tell hubby to grab dinner some place else.

    Shortly after, thinking how to go on, hubby gives me a ring asking how my day was going & tells me to cook while he was out. HAH! Perfect timing I thought. Eager to find the right words to say, I managed to let it out telling him we should try something new to eat. :] *talk about lazy ass to cooook!!!*

    15 mins home..undressed..dressed..good to go..

    Anywho, as we walk along the mall, trynna find a good resto, we decided to grab Carinos. :]

    And so this is what I ordered. An italian spaghetti with chicken promigiana which was really big so I didn't get to finish. HAH! See pic below. Don't I just love pasta or what? Or maybe I was just too damn hungry with all the piles of work I've doing doin' lately && haven't been eatin' much. :)But his was good, too. He ordered the Carino's combo which was kinda tha same like mine but with lasagna. OH! And check out the shirt I bought him the other day when DSF began! Yay! I thought t'was rockin'. Teeheh! And never thought he would wear it,too. Cuz the last 4-5 shirts I've given him are still locked up with tags in his closet. Ugh!

    Yeah, well, I wasn't trynna be emo. LOL. Check out this resto. I feel like I'm at home. HEHE. He was always on the phone.. :( even if we were out...So, yea..after Dinner, we walked around the mall &did I mention? HE LOST HIS FREAKIN' WALLET when we were about tah go home? WAAAAAAAAA! SO, it's a sad ending for us..or maybe for him. LOL. I wanted to buy him a wallet that night but I think I'd just hafta wait til it really sinks down on him a little. :]