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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Missha BB Cream Watery + Freshwater eyes

    Ahh! Finally! My very first BBC! I have been searching for so long. I've been reading reviews from other beauty bloggers about the whole BB Cream thingy & decided to get one. Well, what I really wanted to try was the L'egere or the SkinFood's bbc, however, I got no luck with either one. So, here's a try to my very 1st BBC..will be looking for more. :)
    M BB Cream Watery SPF27 / PA++
    What it says:
    Containing a generous amount of moisture, M Watery B.B Cream helps create glowing skin with its natural coverage. It's moisturizing & antioxidant ingredients protect your skin and make it comfortable with moisturized and cool afterfeel.

    Sooo, they're supposed to blend in.. hmm..well, it kinda did, I think. I has a nice smell to it and the consistency isn't too thick & not too diluted either. It was just like a tinted moisturizer & the coverage was ehhh..maybe 3 out of 5. Couldn't say it was that great. It was pretty sheer but slightly smooth. Didn't stay much long. So hhh...would have to say that I should try more BB creams.. =P

    Anyhoo, here is also a first trial. I'm tellin' ya, I ain't much great with blending yet. :( I have always admired how other bloggers did their EOTD. They must've practiced a lot back then. Hehe..So yeah.. =P

    E/s used:

    MAC Freshwater all over lid

    MAC Black Tied outter

    MAC Claire de Lune as highlight to brow bone

    Me still trynna learn how to do EOTD looks & the art of blending. :) I love how bold the blue color turned out. Ahh! I need to practice more with colors. Weeeeeeeeee! Must go lurk & read more tutes. :)


    M said...

    BB creammmmm! i tried this at the store and thought the consistency was a bit too light

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    yes,it's my very first! :) i need to get more BB creams!!!

    (( K@Y )) said...

    I can't wait till I get my hands on some bbcream.