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    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Happy and Sad

    Some days,
    I'm happy being myself like this,
    Of course, that involves playing with makeup.Ü
    But how do I overcome boredom
    and a miserable routine week after week?
    I stroll in the nearby mall.
    Didn't have anything particular in mind..
    just came across this store w/c
    was obviously still closed.
    Do you see what I see?
    HK galore!
    WOW! Yipeeee! Can't wait to see
    what they have when they open up the store!
    Whudya look at cute top she's wearing with HK on it?
    Totally kawaii, eh?
    I don't know why I took this pic. LOL.

    There was literally no one around the mall.

    What's up with that?

    EconCrisis, maybe?

    Just wanted to show y'all something different.
    Doesn't it look scary? LOL jk.
    This is foreal yo! This is what the local women wear
    in Dubai when they're in public.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think
    it's called an "abaya."
    PARIS ALERT in Dubai!
    Yeah, yeah, she's here filming her show
    for the Paris in search of a new Bff yada yadah yadah.

    She has hers custom made.
    It looks really elegant.
    Doesn't she look like an arabian princess?Ü


    Moving on,

    BANGLES! got 'em on sale at this one
    accessories store (I forgot the name, lol.)

    Also, passed by Marks & Spencer..

    Some treats that I bought, perfect for

    my midnight snacks.

    Chocolate chip cookies and custard creams

    are my fave.

    I also do recommend getting the


    They're the best!

    The one that I bought didn't last a day.

    It was like milk chocolate in heaven.

    And yes.. I couldn't wait til I get home,

    *digestive milk chocolate cookies*

    After walking here and there, kinda got

    tired & checked this one cafe out.

    Ordered a long island iced tea..

    Yeah, it was that tall & I couldn't

    even finish it.

    I really have no idea why I'm taking all random shots of this & that.

    This is what greets you firsthand when you

    enter the cafe. Hahaha.

    Oh, here's another one..

    And anotha one..

    This cafe should be named Sheep Cafe instead of
    their boring Element Cafe name.. Pfff.. HAHA

    ZERO people.

    Onto the hauls..

    A colorful palette which brand is totally unknown.

    Kinda chalky but pigmented.

    Will work on the swatches..

    Oh and falsies of course.

    Total steal for the day.
    Got this @ Claire's 2 for like $3/-
    A baby chick & baby panda keychain.
    One for me & one for him.Ü
    It's so cute & tiny..
    Dress @ F21.
    Brown kimono style dress
    that came with the belt.

    Floral dress.
    Ahhh..perfect for the summer!

    The big flower reminds me of SJP's dress
    from Sex and the City.
    Ok..maybe, a little..(Btw, I so love her outfit)

    Fabric is pretty sheer, very soft. Me likey. Ü

    The flower. Ü
    What do you think?
    Should I take the flower off the dress?


    On a different occasion during the week,

    something made me really sad.

    and I mean REALLY, REALLY SAD!


    I GOT BURNED BY AN IRON, accidentally!!


    Now, I won't be able to wear skirts, shorts, or a dress!


    It looks a lot uglier in person.

    And it looks like a cut, but only its not.

    will also take a VERY LONG TIME

    before it heals and disappears. :(

    Anybody knows any treatment or ointment or
    whatever to make it less visible? I am desperate to know!
    Just when I thought my week was
    going smoothly, shit happens unexpectedly.


    I was awaken by the text that I received yesterday morning
    which made my day even sadder than ever.
    The King of Pop had just passed away @ 50
    from a cardiac arrest.

    I can remember clearly during the 90's,
    my grandma and I went to the mall
    and she wanted to buy MJ's cassette tape
    bcuz she liked the song "You are not alone"
    very much. She kept playing the song over
    and over until it gave up and went out
    of tune. LOL. She was a fan, & I became a fan.
    and He is a legend.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    (+) RIP Michael Jackson
    August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009


    Edna said...

    WOW Victoria Couture looks amazing! I'm looking at their pieces online now! HK = <3

    I hope your iron burn gets better. I hear a lot of good things about Egyptian Magic cream, I haventtried it yet, so I can't give you a direct recommendation, but if you youtube it, theres a bunch of girls raving about the product.

    RIP Michael J :(

    Jamilla Camel said...

    I hate iron sure to pamper it!

    Thanks for the Sheep photos--that and the Burkas remind me of Oman!!

    ekimura said...

    ohh that looks like super kawaii store ! XD

    you always have great photos! I love looking at them :D
    Im sorry ou burned your leg that look like a big one too >_<

    becky said...

    girl be very careful next time. i hope it heals soon. you can always put scar diminishing cream though. By the way that is a really cute store.

    Anonymous said...

    *lovely* blog and i love love love the blog design its so cute <3

    Iyah said...

    OMG that scar looks so painful!! X( Ouch.

    Victoria Couture? Hello Kitty?? Sounds like my kind of store! hahaha! I can't wait to see what they have there!

    Nice dresses btw and that palette looks amazing!!!

    fuzkittie said...

    OMG I hope your scar doesn't hurt too much now! You look pretty in that first photo! The cookie looks delicious hehe.

    mszcheysser said...

    Looked like, you had a fun time shopping! Paris Hilton does look pretty! Gaaaaaah** :)

    Weh?! IRON BURN? Ouch! That must had hurt alot.


    Melissa said...

    ouch! I hope your burn heals well! I like the dresses you got, very pretty!

    LADYJANE said...

    I burnt my neck w/ a curling iron before and I used Vit E cream for it so it didn't scar. Hope it's healing alright!