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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Everyday Browns + Sumfin sumfin

    It's been a while..

    I'm baaaccckkk!
    Has it been a week already?
    I was running out of things to post.
    LOL. SOrrieee.. So yeaa..
    It's been a real craze here & there,
    I've recently bought my MAC studio fix foundation, & guess what?
    I got it in NC40. Damn. I've tanned too fast.
    Don't mind the face pixz but it really does match
    my whole body skin tone in person.
    Blame the cam for the whitecast-ish. Haha.
    Or maybe I should
    stop applying this GARNIER skin naturals daily
    moisturizer on mah face..
    It's a FAIRNESS + DARK SPOTS prevention
    with pure lemon essence + long dan extract SPF 15.
    I've been using it for the past
    I dunno 2 weeks or so?! Yeaa, something
    like that. & I can say it works really well.
    The pure lemon essence and Vit. C helps clarify &
    smoothen the skin. Your skin will look naturally
    lighter & more even with a healthy glow.
    But ehh - maybe not this season
    bcuz I'm always in the sun. :/
    I'll take note of that for the -BER months.
    -when I start looking pale again. :P
    So, while I was away..(for not too long)
    I haven't stopped squealing like a lil piglet
    since the news broke out. LOL
    I wasn't ready for this,
    and I'm sure no one WAS.
    Especially THEM. HAHA.
    To cut the story short,
    I'm gonna be an Auntie.
    for the 1st time yo! & I am
    so damn excited about it.

    & hell, my bro's gonna be a Dad?
    Waaah.. (how long has it been since
    we were at Chuck E Cheese?)
    His girlfriend is 3mos. preggy and
    they're getting married next year!
    That's like WOW!

    (just so y'know, he's the 1 who just graduated from College)
    (he & the gf must've celebrated too much, eh?) hahaha.

    *Chesca as y'all know, is my 1st niece from my fave cousin,
    Look at her now!
    *Lara = my cousin
    but this time I'm gonna have a niece/nephew
    from my brotha. Yey!!
    I so love kids and I can't wait to have my own
    someday. Wahahaha..Ü
    Big smile on my face.
    Have I bored you enough
    with my personal life? Heee.

    Moving on...........

    -> I was surfin' around the net when
    I came across these photos from the
    Twilight sequel. AND I'm like..
    Edward Cullen!!!
    Kirsten Stewart & Robert Pattinson
    filming "New Moon" in Italy.

    One word: JEALOUS!!! =P

    *One lucky beeeeeeeetch!

    What's up with the black dots?
    Probably for the sparkles/or special effects
    when they edit the film.
    Hurry up November!
    I can't wait to see the movie!!


    eri said...

    nice look! :)

    and yes...what a lucky girl.
    kissin' edward cullen.

    AbcGrrrL said...

    welcome back! :) Love the neutral looks. Congrats on becoming an auntie!

    Makeup Mama said...

    nice look and congrats!!

    my_makeup_mania said...

    *One lucky beeeeeeeetch! hahahahaha! you're so funny :PPP

    I'm so glad you're back! you looks so pretty as always!

    fuzkittie said...

    LOL! He's too skinny for my taste but the photo is hot, hahahaha. No competition here. :P

    You're so sexy Leigh, you can take Bella anytime, lol.

    miemiemie said...

    daaaaaaamn lucky bella. tsk!!

    love your look, and no you don't look that tan..and your face looks fine to me, the shade matches you well :)

    becky said...

    awwww you are so pretty girl and welcome back :)

    Melissa said...

    congrats on being an auntie! I love babies & lil kids. lol i didn't enough notice the black dots until now. Hmm...probably special effects!

    Askmewhats said...

    thanks for the comments leigh :) And that's a lovely eye makeup you've created..and wow on Garnier product lightening up your skin!!!

    Iyah said...

    YAY for becoming an auntie!! :) and your complexion is very nice! Wow NC40! :)

    Edward Cullen is so sexxxy!

    Whit said...

    ahhhh italy kissin edward cullen (Dreammmm) haha- dang nc40??? tan girl, I'm jealous! lol

    Anonymous said...

    You always look so beautiful, Leigh! ;) Love your haircut a lot either.

    I've become auntie for the very first time this month, yay! My 2 years younger sis got a baby girl. So cute! <3 Can't wait to going to visit them!

    *Nehs* said...

    lovin' your neutral look babe!

    MEOW... :DD thank you for the comment. <333

    mszcheysser said...

    GRRRRRRRRRRR! She is so lucky. I want to rip him away from him. Hahaha!

    Congrats on being an auntie! EEEE! I want to be one too, lol.

    Nice looks! I love your eyes! So exotic! Meoooow ;)

    New Followers + Hi, my name is Cheysser. ♥

    smiley13tree said...

    The purple is beautiful!
    AND twilight. <33 Ahh that looks amazing.

    Dana Yoshimizu said...

    You're so pretty! <3

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats love!!! wooo!!! i can't wait till i become an aunt!!

    gorgeous look honey! so sexy!! and you know u r!!

    ....LIPTARS by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is the new lipgloss/lipstick. Pigmented (check), applies smooth (check), can combine colors (check), and i wouldn't say it's thick like dazzleglass or lipglass!! i have yet to play around w/it more

    M said...

    congrats on becoming an aunt! :D

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    Thanks y'all. =)

    LADYJANE said...

    You look so pretty here :)