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    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    What doesn't kill me

    ... only makes me stronger.

    It'd be sick if I actually had this tatt. LOL
    Honestly, I like the words.
    I feel like it's so me.
    Considering I've been through a lot
    since my twenty three years of breathing.
    Been thru hell; up & down
    and all the crazy sh*t in between.

    Actually, I couldn't think of any design.
    I want something I'd feel comfortable showing off
    and something I'd want on my body until I die.

    I told one of my girlfriends, I wanted something
    ala Megan Fox cuz I think she's pretty hot. (^.^)x
    I'd use the words above and have it written on my back.
    She goes, "
    would u really wanna be walking around
    with somebody else's tattoo? like when people see it
    they'll automatically think you copied Megan Fox's tattoo."

    Then again, she tells me,

    "Get it in a different font and on a different spot..."
    AHhhhhhhhhhh! WTH!
    All this ink mayhem is driving me insane!

    I sound too desperate about all this ..



    See pic below:

    1. Outline is definitely gone.

    2. Colors needs to be re-touched..

    3. I want a bigger one!

    *taking a picture by myself was harder
    than I thought it would be.*
    What shall I do with the fairy tatt? :(

    I really don't know if I'm gonna keep it or not.
    WhyTF is this giving me such a hard ass time!?!

    Why did I even get a tattoo in the first place?
    I am in a gawd damn medical profession here.

    C'mon now!!!!

    Clearly, I wasn't thinking enough back when I got it done.

    Actually, the reason I did was..

    Well, my significant other was the one who got it first

    and me?

    I just wanted to experience the pain just for the heck of it

    and here I am now,

    desperately seeking for another freakin' ink.

    Ugh! Seeeeeee how addictive it is?

    That is why YOU DON'T GET A TATTOO

    in the first place!!!

    She asked me if I really wanted to get rid of
    my fairy tattoo..and I said maybe.
    She goes, "
    why don't u get ur artist to come up
    with a nice design to either cover it or add
    around it..I'm sure he'll work with you."
    yada yada yada..

    To make the story short..
    I'm baffled, still.
    Nothing meanigful is hitting
    my head right now.
    Maybe when the right time comes.
    Then I'll get inked up again.

    Does anyone have a tattoo?
    How'd you come up with it?
    Please share your story.
    I would love to hear all abt it.


    My significant other's name:

    What most men wish their girlfriend would do.

    Have their name inked (on her).
    As long as he gets my name supplanted on his,

    then no problemo, amigo!


    Are you serious?

    What am I gonna do with it if we break up?



    Makeup Mama said...

    Hey girl, you know I had to comment on this one. I had a tattoo cover up and I'm so glad I did it. All of my tatties I thought long and hard about except that one I had covered, so don't should be taking the all the time in the world to figure out what you want. Mine just kind of came to me. Randomly. And I waited to see if they were something that stuck around in my mind or if I ended up thinking they were tacky after a week b/c like you said, they'll be on us until we're old and wrinkley. Good luck with it all, there's not much we can do to help short of telling you what to get and then you'll DEFINITELY end up getting a massive cover up in a few years! lol But if you want a cover up done, it will probably have to be a picture of something instead of words.

    Edna said...

    I think you should find something meaningful to cover up the tattoo.. so many times I've almost walked into a tattoo parlor with my design in mind, but I never had the guts to go through with it. And the whole BF wanting their initials on our bodies... HAHA SO true! Mine has been bugging me about getting his FULL name on me. I'm like HELL NO.... X_X

    fuzkittie said...

    Wow I never heard of anyone who just wanted to experience the pain, haaha.. I think you should cover it up! Best plan for the future..

    Anonymous said...

    Tattoo!!! i want one!! like what u said, u really want to think about it. ofcourse, bf's name, signature, etc is a no-no!!!

    u should definitely, get an awesome artist to cover up the fairy.mmm lots of thinking!