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    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    August Baby

    [[24th bday]]
    Before heading out on a hotpot dinner with my loves, I dropped by the nearest mall to check out the new MAC Colour Craft collection. I was in a hurry so didn't get a chance to swatch much. Didn't even get to check out the l/s or marbleized l/g. Ugh! Heard they were good, so I'm planning on coming back. Hehe. So anyhoo, here's what I got..a Mineralize Blush in "Daft Pink" and something not so new, a soft pink l/s in "Angel."

    P.s he paid for it since it was my bday. I should have gotten more if ONLY I KNEW. HAHA. BUT, wait, Lemme tell ya, the price here is a b*tch.
    The msf blush costs around $30 which is supposed to be around $21 in the states.
    and the l/s which was supposed to be $14; costs $22 HERE!!! WTF, right?
    But since it's MAC; I just had to get it. Grrrrrrr..

    So far, I'm lovin' it, the tiny sparkles are so pretty.

    Moving along, was the dinner! I was celebrating on the 11th and my good friend was on the 12th. We are so full blown Leo's. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :) I have been at this place twice and I still don't know what the name is. Arghhhh. I just call it shabu shabu or hotpot. My friends and I love it here because of the peanut sauce. It's thick and creamy and I like it kinda spicy.

    hot pot*

    There were actually two plates. The second was was served 5-7 mins late. DIDN'T WAIT..I was so damn hungry so I didn't get to take a picture of it. The 1st plate had shrimp, tofu, squid, fish ball, some lettuce, bamboo chute, seaweed?, other seafood Idk... The 2nd plate had chicken, beef and something else I forgot. An order may be good for 2-3 people. Or sometimes it depends.

    What makes it soooo damn good?
    Peanut sauce with chili. Mmm...that's whats up!
    Boiling point. :)

    A bit sick, a few days earlier I had sore throat so I didn't look too good on these pics. LOLA table of happy faces. *burp*

    On another side note:
    I mentioned I was getting a haircut earlier this week. So, I did. Honestly, I didn't have anything in mind (what style I wanted), so I just went for a layered haircut which was up to my shoulder since I didn't want much of a drastic change.
    Here's a couple of pics from my 24th celeb @ home with some friends. 2 days late from my actual bday. =) But it was good.

    I wore a mini green dress from Zara & belt from F21. Gladiator sandals from H&M. Yes. My candle says 1 cuz they forgot to buy some candles. HAHA.

    My double chocolate caramel pop cake. It was soooooo good.
    Excuse my checkered bra LOL. I didn't know my dress was kinda uhmm sheer. Haha.

    1st time I didn't get smashed on a bday. :P

    Overall, my bday was great. I appreciated all my Lovey's effort + my friend Charms who helped him prepare all the food. I also wanna take this opportunity to thank those who greeted me on FB & via txt mssgs. I love ya guys. xoxo 'Til next year..


    Jasmin said...

    Love the photos! Looks like you had tons of fun! And yummy! Food. Love the outfit!

    BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

    lol on "first time didnt get smashed on my bday"

    you look so pretty. i like the new haircut and your dress with the belt looks real pretty too.

    Askmewhats said...

    awww you look so pretty on your bday :) :)

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    @ Jas: Thanks hun. I enjoyed my mini bday celebrations. And my green dress was a steal. Got it at zara when it was on sale. hehee.

    @ Becky: I swore up & down to never get drunk as hell again on my bday. I've had massive headaches and hangovers before. haha :P Thanks for the compliment btw. ♥

    @ Ate nikki: Thanks ate.

    PinkyKathy said...


    both blush and lippie are really gorgeousssssss.

    emimonster said...

    happy birthday to my fellow leo! =) the lipstick and blush colors are fantastic.

    Jamilla Camel said...

    Happy Birthday, Goregous!