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    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Itchy Itchy

    BREAK OUT!!!
    I am totally disappointed with MAC Studio Fix.
    It has caused me major break out. What is up with that?
    I like the coverage and all, but it's so freakin' irritating.
    My face started itching ever since I started using it. I was thinking
    maybe it was the brush, but then again, it wasn't cause I used the brush with
    mineral makeup and it didn't itch an inch of my effin' face. LOL.
    Argggggh. Has anyone experienced the same thing???
    Can you recommend another foundation that won't break me out.
    Pls. Pls. Pls. :(
    Every now and then, I still refuse to believe that MAC
    has irritated my sensitive skin. Note that I have an oily to normal/
    sensitive skin. But having these kind of zits? Ugh! Talk about hassle.


    Askmewhats said...

    You can try Clinique which is hypoallergenic, I believe MAC has great coverage but it does cause allergies to some Sorry you had to be one of those ! :( Or cheaper alternative, Cover Girl or from The Face shop?

    adin_22 said...

    That's the reason I would never use any MAC foundations cuz a lot has been saying that it causes breakouts...try's a cheaper version of Mac Studio Fix...and it doesn't cause allergies compare to MAC's..for me that is...

    Bombchell said...

    oh wow that's horrible. Ive used it a bunch, and luckily i didnt react to it

    Jasmin said...

    Acckkk.. Bummer.. I heard good reviews about their foundation, but true, a lot of my friends have said they broke out a couple times. I can't reccoment much, since i don't use a lot of foundation, but I have used revlon's.

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    I want something that has great coverage like MAC. I never knew it'd be like this. :( I guess I'll try Revlon Colorstay after I get rid of the break out.. :(

    mszcheysser said...

    You should try Clinique! I'm sure the ladies in the counter would help you, or Maybelline, since it's more mineral & lots of ladies, who get allergic easily, use these brands =]

    Linnc said...

    You might want to try foundation w/ salicylic acid, neutrogena & almay have it..I got the neutrogena one yesterday, like it so far

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    I shall try Clinique after some time. I still need to be make up free for a couple of days or even weeks, to give way to my poor skin. *sniff* I was better off with mineral makeup,why did I even bother buying MAC studio fix? Huhuhuhu.

    Btw, Thanks for the suggestions everyone.Ü

    my M Y s u e said...

    *ahhh! My skin is the same way as yours :[. That is the reason why I DO NOT use liquid foundation, I break out so bad! I understand what you are talking about. Sorry about what happen to you.

    oh and when I break out because of that reason, I just wash my face with a towel that is warm and my break outs fade faster.

    M said...

    i break out the minute i use mac foundations