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    Saturday, June 6, 2009

    Burj Dxb, Essence and Love

    Oh yes! It's Thursday! My rest day.
    (OKAY!! This was a late post,AGAIN!)
    (When am I ever gonna learn to publish
    on the right time???)
    Sometimes this is the only time I get to play
    with makeup and get myself all glamed up. =(
    I know I haven't updated it a while cuz
    like in every post, I whine abouthow busy I get with work.
    Or how lazy I can get.
    Hehee. =P

    So yeah, what's new?

    Well, just today morning,
    I heard that the American socialite, Paris Hilton
    is searching in the middle east for her new "BFF."
    Ok, lemme admit, I kinda like Paris.
    and Britney. Hate me. LOL.
    Hilton is expected to adhere to the strict
    behavioural guidelines enforced in Dubai.
    This means she will have to tone down
    her notoriously sexy wardrobe, and
    refrain from drinking and foul language
    - as will her wannabe mates.

    Random pic I pulled out of nowhere. Hehe.
    You'll find random pics that I took all week long.

    Trying out some dress here & there. Ü
    Wishing I had longer legs mehehehehe.

    @ the Dxb Mall

    when vanity strikes..
    Vanity Kills.

    The famous.

    The world's tallest building.

    Burj Dubai.My head & Burj Dxb.
    My lovey tries to take a good pic.
    Hmm... :\

    What if they actually sell this
    BIG cellphones?
    *2 yellow bags from F21 & Newlook..
    Sorry I didn't get to take a picture of
    all the stuffs that I got.
    There were only 2 dresses, belt & some
    He was busy checkin' out the chucks..
    Unfortunately, I was busy with this..hehehe.

    At the end of the night..
    I am always tired. Hehehee..
    but I still wanna take pixz.Ü

    From another day of the week..
    I bought myself 3 things w/c is
    beauty related.Ü

    I just needed to get another
    eyeliner cuz my old one broke, remember? :(
    ALL ESSENCE products.
    Lipgloss and a kohl eyeliner.

    It's an e/l pen, which makes it easier for me
    to use. It's so BLACK, so I'm kinda amazed w/ that.
    Just what I badly needed to line my eyes. Ü
    Probably similar to Revlon's Colorstay
    Liquid E/l Pen.
    I'd rate this baby a 5* (as the highest.)
    I used it once and I will use it over & over.
    It doesn't smudge.
    Also, what I love about it is how precise the eyeliner
    brush is, just perfect if I want to create a wing
    or a nice line.
    A swatch of the the 3.

    w/ flash.Oh here's what I got from f21.
    Luckily, I got to snap a pic of the 2.
    I think the pendant is cool.
    Maybe I'd wear this when I'm sportin'
    something simple.
    And just a long necklace with
    turquoise & brown beads.

    So yea.
    That's all.
    Not much.
    Tried to tone it down a lil bit.
    AFAJDKADNAKLALLA/- lazy ass to type...............
    Sorry didn't give much review..
    I'll just edit this tomorrow..Hehee..Ü
    I need my Zzzzzz now.
    I leave you with my recent pic
    w/ my baby..
    Hehe, I was so camwhoring that night
    & he wanted to get in the pic,
    so why not put it up in mi blog.
    Ooooh I'm so excited...we're so near
    to our 5th year together. YAY!
    I love him since the 1st day we met.

    -onto my bloghopping galore.
    I've missed you all, so now I need
    to do some comments..Ü
    See ya soon.


    FuN and MakeUp said...

    i love sceneries! u look nice.. n the outfit, vest etc.. purrty!! hehe awWww the last pic... sweet!

    *Nehs* said...

    hi beautiful! how r u? pretty brown dress u got there! and more axes! :)

    Jamilla Camel said...

    Isn't shopping and eating in Dubai the best!! You look so cute!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    Thanks Jess & Nehs. <3

    @ Jamilla Camel: That's what we do best here. LOL. I can't wait for the summer sale!!!

    becky said...

    lol I dont hate you for liking Paris lol. Btw i like the outfits you pulled out.

    Jasmin said...

    love the hat! cute outfits. i like paris and britney too! haha.

    LOVEpink said...

    aww u and ur bf r soo cute!! Dubai looks soo fun! i'm planning on trying to find a job tere once im done school!! cute pics!!

    M said...

    quite the backdrop! dubai is ridiculous, i'm so scared to just spend my life savings there haha