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    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    Charcoal Nose Strips

    --Riiight. So it was vividly written that it was supposed to be a deep magnetic cleansing nose strip. Hmm...?!!!

    Halluh everyone! Well, a couple of days back, I was feeling under the weather, the typical sickness these days. I barely wore any make-up to work which made me even look pale and all washed out. So there hasn't been any hauls or face pics for me. And today,well, I saw this nose strip which I have forgotten all about. I just wanted to know if it'll work wonders on me that's why I probably picked it up & tried today. SO here goes..

    1 packet. I think there was 6 in the box for like $3.00 something..

    BACK (Charcoal side/Face down to nose)

    FRONT (this side face up)

    • contains natural charcoal extract with magnetic cleansing systems. (Hmm..)

    • Cool & Cool Deep Magnetic Cleansing Charcoal Nose Strips provide the maximum pore treatment cleansing.

    • Formulated with natural charcoal extract. It seeks out unwanted blackheads and unclogs pore like a magnet leaving you with clearer, cleaner skin thus making pores less visible.
    • You will see results after the 1st treatment.

      RECOMMENDED USE: One strip per week.


    1. Thoroughly wash face, making sure that it is free of any creams, lotions or make-up.
    2. Dry hands, then open packet and peel the strip off plastic liner.

    3. Place on nose, and thoroughly wet nose with water. Apply the strip to moistened nose area, charcoal side down, smooth out air bubbles, ensuring good contact with skin.

    4. Let strip dry for 15-20 mins. The strip should feel dry & stiff.

    5. Slowly & carefully peel off strip starting at edges, pulling toward center.

    (Me-I know I look bad w/o make-up LOL I was about to wet the entire strip & then wait for about 15-20 mins til it dries up.)I did what I had to do, unfortunately, I don't think it was that effective on me. As you can see, there was literally nothing on the strip. I am so pissed. I waited 20 mins until it was stiff as it could get and this is what I got. I don't think I'm ever gonna purchase this again. This is the 1st time I've ever used a commercialized product to get rid of blackheads & I failed miserably. LOL. Eww and yucky. This crap is useless. HAHA! And they said it was magnetic? Psshhhhhhh...

    I don't see any blackheads...Hhh...


    ANGE said...

    ooh these blackhead things look interesting! but they never seem to work for me - not even those clean & clear strips... :(

    FuN and MakeUp said...

    i was goin to ask.. so does that realy work? so far none of those blackshit removers i bought works! sigh* if this really does.. lmk! but from the pix.. hahah

    K said...

    Wow, that is so rare! I usually have great results with blackhead strips... am I the only one??

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    @ Ange.. I've tried those clean& clear stuff..doesn't do shit either LOL!

    @ Fun & Make's black,gross,leaves residues and doesn't work! UGH!

    @ are so damn lucky. LOL. which have you used so far?