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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Victoria Jackson Cosmetics

    For more than 12 years, Victoria Jackson has been one of Hollywood's leading makeup artists. TV networks and film studios have paid her over $1,000 a day to make the stars look their best.

    She's made up nearly every major celebrity in Hollywood for the covers and pages of hundreds of magazines. Her celebrity clients include Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, Sarah Jessica Parker,J LO to name but a few. Victoria is famous in Hollywood for her “no make-up” make-up, which she has used to create a naturally beautiful look.

    Until recently Victoria's make-up was only available to her celebrity clients.BUT now you to can indulge into the world of glam

    At last, the industry's most closely guarded secrets have been unveiled!

    All the cosmetics in this range are manufactured by the same manufacturer as CLINIQUE, MAC, and BOBBY BROWN cosmetics.

    All Victoria Jackson products have been tested, are lanalin free so ideal for sensitive skin! The lip gloss's include bees wax &/or seed oil which is a really good natural moisturizer. The compacts themselves are black with integeral mirror and applicator.


    *Nehs* said...

    how pretty!

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Yas said...

    How cool is that? I've never tried her makeup but I heard that the foundation is similar to RCMA in that they are lanolin free and use natural oils only in their formulation. Good info babe!

    ♥ Kendall ♥ said...

    Ohh, I want to try that brand now!