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    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Random Weekend Life

    YIPEEE! I'm backkk after a few days of slackin'. Sorry. =(
    So yea, my unusual weekend began de Thursday night. I know, WEIRD. and it sucks! While part of the world has Sat-Sun days off, I only get Thursday as a minimum day from work (9-1pm) && Friday as my real day off. So, basically, I go to work 6x a week. U damn right I'm not that lazy! HAHA! So, there ya go.. I barely have anything to post because I am always drained from my career. LOL.
    Hmm,well, to get things started -- lemme fill ya in how my weekend went. Right after work, I made jello shots again. This time I used Bacardi instead of the traditional Jello shots with Vodka. And I made it pretty strong to make everyone happy. One of my beautiful friend was up for a long vacay to the Phil. so we threw her a goin' away party. =)

    I, on the otherhand decided to throw in my bare face photos for a change. HAHA. I remember when my cousin used to call me Cinderella bcuz of the transformation when I'd put makeup on. HAHA! Plus, I think my eyes are chinky w/o makeup and contacts. =)

    YES!?! We love white!

    This is my lucky ass friend Shiela who's currently in the Phils now gettin' her partypoppin'.

    galFRIENDS. Yes. ALL asians! What else?! =))

    Him and I.

    DRINKIN' SESSION ended early. 2am.

    @ 2:30am decided to go CRABBING!
    There's this place-about 2-3 hours away from Dxb where you can go crabbing. Crabs tend to come up the shore at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

    Yes. I am MakeUP FREE! HAHA =)

    A random shot that I took when we stopped for gas. Didn't take much pics. I had migraine + we got lost along the way. I decided to snooze for an hour or so. Next thing I knew, we were there and snappin' some pics. =P

    Hello. I'm small. No. Scratch that. I'm tiny. Hahaha!

    Excuse mi cleavage. HAHA. Ü

    Look what I found! Is this dead?

    TAKE 1

    TAKE 2
    TAKE 3
    I am such a frustrated photographer. HAHA! And I failed miserably.
    This one is definitely dead on the spot. Poor thing.

    Let's see, so we drove all the way to this beach from 2:30 am and got home at 8:30 am, we have no crab, dead tired and hella sleepy.

    FRIDAY - I was asleep all day! This is my rest day!

    SATURDAY was a blah!

    SUNDAY - It's a Date

    After work, (yes, I do work on Sundays =[ BUMMER!) my other half took me out for a dinner. This is one of the few days I get to wear make-up as much as I want to. And I didn't have to put too much effort on the look since I wanted it to look as simple as the night went by. Products I used are as follows:

    Nivea Creme (as my moisturizer)
    Missha BB Cream
    NYX twin cake powder (in Natural)
    NARS Orgasm (blush)
    NARS Laguna (bronzer/contouring)
    MAC Brow Finisher in Beige Blonde
    NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese (as base)
    MAC e/s Amber Lights
    MAC e/s Black Tied
    MAC e/s Claire de Lune (as highlight)
    Rose Honey liquid eyeliner in DarkBlack
    Essence Lippy in Glam Girl
    NARS lipgloss in Stolen Kisses

    Nasi Goreng?
    yea,something like that. Indonesian Rice w/ sunnyside egg on top, grilled chicken and some prawn crackers. I forgot to take a picture of the spicy peanut sauce. This was for him since he already ate something before we came here.
    Chicken Escalope Parmigiana

    YES! I do to eat.

    Strawberry Cheese Cake, anyone?


    ALL DONE. Baby, I'm full. =)

    My loves.
    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did! =)


    Anonymous said...

    Yay... I loved looking at your pictures! you gotta post more now. hehehe. =] Looks so much fun. Glad you enjoyed your days off and you still have time to chill after work. I do force myself sometimes but usually I am too lazy.. haha very bad!

    Anyho, about the Dior lipstick, yes it is super nice. I'll recommend it to anyone.=] I'm doing fine... just enjoying my Sunday.. I have to work again in the next 3 days. I have been getting sick lately.. working in the hosp doesn't help with the recovery lol considering how toxic it is there.. hehe. TC Leigh!

    Anastacia said...

    Soooo cute pictures! you looks very sweet! Beautiful smile!! Just gorgeous!

    And by the way, I want to say thank you so much for visiting me every time, thank you so much for your so sweet comments to me! you're so sweetheart! <333

    tuniez83 said...

    awwwwwwwwwww so sweet! what a nice date you have. I haver really have a dinner date with my bf just super fast food unromantic dinner. LOL

    Rochelle said...

    you are pretty, r u filipina? because u look like the actress in the philippines named Roxanne Guinoo.

    LOVEpink said...

    cute pics!!! <3333

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    Thank you ladies! =)

    LOL @ Rochelle. Thanks! I use to get that compliment a lot. Yes,I'm 100% Pinay.

    Jamilla Camel said...

    I'm a bit slow here, but thanks for sharing! You look like you really enjoyed the weekend and I agree with Miss Katin, the Dior lippie is the BEST!