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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Some Last Weekend Haul Lovin

    Last weekend went by pretty fast. I can't believe it is March already! Gaawwd! Next thing I'll be thinkin' about is how I'm gonna be able to produce some amount of money for my sister's eye operation. Ahhhhhkkkk!!! But then again, I figured, that everything will fall into its perspective place when April rolls by. Sooo, for the meantime, I got to spoil myself for a bit with this cute haul I took advantage of a few days back. AND they weren't that expensive either, so I wouldn't really call it all glamorous and stuff. I just thought they were pretty nice for such cheap prices. And check out the falsies, too! Ooohlala. Perfect for night outs! Yeaaaa!!! I'm that excited about 'em because this is prolly gonna be my 3rd time to wear 'em. So yadah yadah yadah, enough witha talkin: here's the stuffs I got. I think I got a good deal on this one. :]
    Some Falsies.. The other one looks really long and wild. I don't even know when and where I'm gonna use it. HAHAHA! The one beside it with the criss cross type reminds me of M (makemeblushhh) because I think she has one of those and they look really good on her. HA! And the top ones are just as nice,too. :) And this one is a TWIN EYE LINER PENCIL. ( Pearl Color & Dark Color) && It goes on really smooth. Lovin' it. Retractable,too. So, that means, no hassle sharpening! Some e/s palettes. And as you can see, I've done some swatches below, they are so pretty. Very pigmented and shimmery. which I likey like. (Ahhh..look at that vein poppin'. LOL. Makes me wanna extract some blood..BWAHAHAHHAA! Okay, that's the medtech in me talking.Weirdo.)With flash.. Hey look! U can see the round palette in the background. Hehehehe! That's what I used for these lovely e/s. I have to work on this, YaY! And BTW, just incase you're wondering what brand this is, uhmm,...well, lemme read it..(*Few seconds*) Okay, uhm,,well I can't really read it since it's like not clear like Axiang something from Mermaid Cosmetics Co. Ltd. and from London England. So yeah. That's what's written on the box. BUT Who cares about the name, when I have these colors. =) Lalalalalalaa........ NOW..this blush is also from the same brand Axiang? Please correct me if I'm wrong and if you know where this came from. It's a peachy pink color and I haven't touched it so I don't know if it's matte.. Next, I got the blotting oil control to stash in my purse. Cuz I know I'm prolly gonna need it. & it's pink,too, so, how cool is that, huh?! I also happened to throw in a liquid eyeliner in an awesome slanted container and a charcoal nose strip.. HAHA! I just gotta try this :P And see what happens to my nose. HAHAHA!

    Oh and check this out! At first I thought they were colored pencils! HAHAHA! Turned out to be, they were actually WATERPROOF COLORED LINER PENCILS! Hahaha. And this is actually my first time I'm ever gonna use some sort of waterproof. I've never worn mascara's that were waterproof. I just didn't like the thought of having the hard time washing them off & rubbing my eyes. But then again, I guess this is gonna be the same with it, but less messy. HAHA! I am so weird. :P

    See, colored pencils don't do this, do they? LOL

    And last but not least, what the super hubby Lovey bought me...Weeeeeeeeeeee......a new camera! 12.1 mp Baby! I'm gonna carry this with me wherever I go!! Weet-whewww!!!!! :) I got it in Silver cuz pink was out of stock. :( So, that's pretty much it. Heehee.

    So, until then ladies...I gotta hit the sheets. revoir.


    FuN and MakeUp said...

    nice hauls!! lovely lashesss n shadows.. u didnt mention where u get these at??

    xoannie said...

    Ooooh nice haul? Where did you buy all the products from?

    Yas said...

    Yay lucky girl...look at that new camera! The hubby loves you! ;) You have a magnificent haul! Every thing is so gosh darn cute! :)

    M said...

    great haul! lashes lashes lashes yummm!

    Anonymous said...

    omg what an awesome haul! all those asian goodies! what store did you purchase them from?

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    Oh yeah sorry I forgot where I got them. Okay,uhm..@ DAISO! I dunno if you've ever heard of this store..they have asian products which are like $3?! :) I remember MakeupBabble saying there's Daiso in Canada. So,most prolly,you guys prolly have Daiso around your area,too! I wanted to get more stuffs,but ya know..gotta save up.haha.Every $ counts :P

    BTW,I thought it was cool that liners came in pencils,but wtf! There's gel liners! I think that is way cooler.Ugh! I need to get myself some of those! :P

    Katrina said...

    where did your cbox go?? oooh nice haul. and wow 12mp! great cam! :) and btw, nilaga is my favoriteee i could eat it everyday :)

    From Beauty and Care Island said...

    Awesome haul! Love your new eye shadows and pencils! Looks cool cool cool!!!