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    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    I've Got the Hues + Award

    Sorry about the lack of post everyone.
    I've been so busy with work lately..
    that when I get home,
    lots of
    errands are waiting for me,
    by the end of
    the day, I feel all dead tired.
    I need more energy. Sometimes I feel
    too lazy to even go online..
    It's only when I'm at work when I try
    and manage to squeeze a time to check on my
    blogerettes post and maybe leave
    some prints..hehe..Ü are y'all ladies doin'?
    I know its the weekends..
    and I'm the only one
    who probably goes to work
    on Sat/Sun!
    Yes my dearest blogger babes!
    I do work on WEEKENDS!
    The only day I get off from work
    is half day of Thursday and TGIF!
    Friday is my real off from work.
    Which obviously isn't enough!!!
    But anyhows, I still feel fortunate
    that I DO HAVE WORK! (still and not jobless)
    to pay off some bills, for savings, to live by, etc..

    Sooo...yeah..'nuff with the rant..

    Uhm..yesterday, we went to Ikea
    & picked up some groceries on the way,
    ^`Bought a couple of things
    for our room..nothing big..
    just some random stuffs..ehehe..
    I didn't really wanna go..
    I was so sleep deprived that
    just wanted to stay home & snooze.

    Here's a glimpse of me, myself and make up free! HAHA

    OOOH and guess what?
    I've been given my very 1st award!
    I feel so loved! ♥

    It's from my gorgeous & talented blogerettes!
    Anastascia.. Fuz... and LOVEpink
    was so generous enough to give me an award!

    The rules are:
    1. Take your award here
    2. Put the logo on your post
    3. Link the person who awarded you
    4. Nominate at least 7 other bloggers
    5. Add the links of those bloggers on yours
    6. Leave a message for your nominees

    I would like to nominate.......
    more than seven lovely bloggers.

    Jamilla Camel
    Girly Posh
    Make up Babble
    Yas (Naughty Girl)
    Mz Ubie's

    oh and the list just goes on..


    When I got home, I felt like I needed to do something..
    So I decided to go create this look..
    I'm still practicing on my blending..
    so far..
    I don't know..
    no progress..argggh!!!
    Here's what I came up with..

    ERRR..pls. don't laugh. Honestly, I'm really trying.. =(

    *orange, blue and mint green*

    I wanted to play with more colors and
    not just
    stick to smokey or too much purple..
    So, I'm currently on my color experiment wheel..
    P.S. I still suck at puttin' on falsies! BWAHAHA.

    That's all..
    After this I fell asleep bwahahha..Ü


    Anastacia said...

    Hey, Leigh! Just stopped to say hello!

    you looks so pretty as always :D

    kkkkatie said...

    You look gorgeous without makeup! you don't need it =)

    Anonymous said...

    Leigh, I think you look really pretty even w/o makeup on!

    I love the colours on your eyes though. ;)

    *Nehs* said...

    you really look like Roxanne G. :) pretty!

    LOVEpink said...

    yay for awards :) such a cute look you did! hey we're in the same boat....i work weekends too! heh xoxo

    AbcGrrrL said...

    Pretty look of the day!

    YAY for the YAY area! Where are you going to med school at? My sister is graduating from med school this May :)

    I'm following your blogger!

    Iyah said...

    You look so pretty with or without make up girl!! :D

    Rochelle said...

    Thanks for the award I didn't know you included me, but I'm so happy for it. Yay! it's my first too. Stay pretty!

    Jasmin said...

    awesome eye shadow color !