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    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Back after the Blues

    Yay! I'm back!
    And I thought I'd be away for a long time. Pfff..
    I was just lost along the way. I know.
    Some drama over my significant other which just happens,
    y'know some pointless argument (talk about cheap & pathetic) HAHA
    but yeah, we managed to patch things up with a snap of a finger. lol
    When two people kiss & make up, it's just the best feeling in the world.
    I didn't wanna lose the relationship and I hate
    fighting for no reason. But something I've learned..

    Rule #1 Never try to win.
    There's a saying
    "you're never fighting for the reason you think"
    Sometimes it may look like you're fighting over
    something stupid, but there's usually
    some feeling underneath that hasn't been fully expressed.
    So the best way is to communicate, for them to understand
    where you're at without arguing about it.

    Rule #2 Let go of being RIGHT.
    Wanting to be right will just keep the argument going.
    Both will argue who's right & who's wrong on & on & on..

    Rule # 3 Let your partner learn in his own way,
    at his own pace. You can only control yourself & your
    own pace of learning. If he doesn't get it, you can't force him to
    see what this issue is about.

    Rule # 4 Appreciate him.
    After the argument, it gave me the chance to realize
    what I really like about him & to balance the relationship.

    So yea.. while I was gone, I focused on myself for a lil bit.
    I went to the gym, I downloaded a bunch of songs,
    I played with make-up ofcourse, & did some good
    deeds for my siblingsss.

    Nothing really new.
    I'm all work, no play.
    I don't have finals or midterms like
    some of you guys do.
    However, I do miss being a student sometimes.
    I miss staying up late studying, procastinating,
    being toxic with a bunch of homeworks,
    NOT working, research projs, term papers..
    all tha stuffs in between..hahaha.
    I used to be a really good student. (well, almost)

    So yeah..what's new with you guys?
    I see a lot of awesome contests going on.
    Ms. PINK's, EKI's and KATRINA'S
    I wanted to join this and that, but
    I was just too lazy to enter..
    so I guess I'll just be voting instead.
    Can't wait to see the entries.

    P/s. Oh and I don't know how my e/l broke. =(
    This is actually an old liquid e/l which I had a while back.
    I bought this in the Phils.

    I like how small it is, fits my purse and love zoom black.
    Not to mention its only around $1.25? hehehe..

    Btw, I know this is Neh's fave,too. =)

    Some photos while I was dead mia.
    Bluer than blue.Used body shop's blender brush.

    and then another look which is a complete blah..
    I look wasted and so damn exhausted. Eeek!
    I'm okay now. Thanks for the concern ladies.
    I really appreciate the comments you left. *smiles*
    I'll be back a lil later with more updates.
    XO; ♥


    Anonymous said...

    Leigh, I'm so glad for you that you and you solved your problems. I hate fighting with my bf as well. :|

    It's the worst feeling ever...

    fuzkittie said...

    Very very sexy eyes~ Very sultry!

    becky said...

    Ugh I hate arguing with my man coz he never gets me lol. Were both very stubborn people and no one want to let go. But we got better of talking to each other in a calm way instead of nagging :/

    btw you look gorgeous!

    Bombchell said...

    gosh I need to chant & memorize rules 1 & 2!

    FuN and MakeUp said...

    im glad eveythins ok now.. there will always be ups n downs... but welcome back! hehehe you always look soo pretty in ur flix... nice tutorial!

    Sassy Jadore said...

    Hey girl~
    Love the look and the eye makeup stands out. Very pretty. =) Lovely blog.
    I'm going to follow. =)

    Melissa said...

    GLad your back! THanks for the relationship tips!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    @ Jess: I know! fighting is crazy..then at the end you find yourselves cuddling and making up..hehehehe.Ü

    @ fuz: Thanks! hihi although I do not try to be sexy hehhehe..

    @ becky: guys just don't get us AT ALL! sometimes their brains are too slow to comprehend where we're at.hahaha. LOL @ nagging.I think I may be a nagger at times..

    @ Bombchell: Yay! Me,too! haha.

    @ FuN and MakeUP: hey! add me to your private blog. =( ya,thanks hun,im feelin much better now.

    @ Sassy jadore:welcome!!! hope u enjoy your stay!

    @ Melissa: Hehe..thanks Mel! everyone needs a little tip sometime.I need some,too! Maybe u could gimme some of yours?! hehe

    Vanessa said...

    gorgeous eyes!

    Tina Marie said...

    Hey gorgeous! This is a really pretty blue look. Loves it!

    Glad to hear you & your significant other are doing ok [=