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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Wakey wakey, Fab giveaway and Anime Eyes

    Wakey, wakey! C'mon get up now!
    Can everyone say AWWWWWWWWWW*

    with me? Look at 'em. How cute are they?
    I would like to have one of these
    someday. or Maybe TWO! Ü

    So yeah, my neck hurts like hell right now. Kill me!
    I just wanna go home. Enough with the work.

    Tomorrow is payday Thursday!
    Y'know what that means!!!

    My rest day til Saturday.

    I'm not really thinkin' of purchasing
    right as of this moment.
    I want to save for a good purpose.

    Plus, I have so much bills to pay!
    Ugh! I hate it.
    It's like
    the $$$ just come
    & go
    in my hands just like that. TSK!
    When is the recession gonna be over huh?!

    So anyhoo, last night was playtime.
    I got to play with a little bit of makeup
    & ended up with Eki's inspired anime-like eyes.
    LOL Not only bcuz I was wearing the Geo lenses
    which kinda makes my eyes bigger, but I got the chance
    to lighten up the e/s & tried the nude lips. Haha.
    I dunno if you can call that nude lips or whatnot.
    I might have messed it up or something.

    I smile like one of those Olsen twins. WTH!
    I swear I don't know how to smile! HAHAHA!
    Weird. :]

    But ehhh, Frown and you frown alone.
    But smile & the whole world smiles with you.
    So s'all good. :]

    Wow! I'm getting the hang of doing my brows.
    They look better now. Unlike before.

    Stray hairs here and there and so uneven.

    Eeek! I think reading your blogs
    really helped me achieve
    perfectly arched, perfectly neat eyebrows.
    So much for admiring your eyebrows.Ü

    Camwhore galore
    But that's not all.
    I also did two of my friends makeup.
    Bwahahaha. Kinda scary at first.
    But yea, It was just for fun.
    I'm not used to putting makeup on
    someone else's face.haha.

    And also, don't forget to enter
    Sassy Jadore's giveaway contest here.
    It's a lil bit of Chanel & Dior! Yay!
    This was made yesterday and I totally
    forgot to publish it.


    Makeup Mama said...

    cute babies! loving the brows girl :)

    AbcGrrrL said...

    The babies are way too cute!

    eri said...

    cute babies and cute you! =)

    M said...

    there's way too much cuteness going on here