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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009

    Geo Contact Lens and Hello Kitty Love

    It's been a while since I've put up a new post. Sorry about that. My life was preoccupied with such and such & I have been resting for the past few days bcuz I've been having this bad back ache. I was thinkin' maybe stress or my scoliosis just gettin' worse. :( I'm sure everyone knows that our spine is one of the most important bones we have in the body. It's what carries you when you walk and what supports the body. Hence, taking good care of it is a lifelong project that should be treated with extreme care. Unfortunately, I don't know why mine turned out kinda retarded. :P, work, work...... Oh and still gathering things for my swap with Ms. Linda. I'm almost there. Weoohhweoohh!!!

    Then my contact lens orders came this morning & it pretty much made my day. I have been waiting for them for about a week. But it was about time, it arrived. Anyhoo, I came home & I completely forgot that I didn't have any extra contact lens case. I threw away my old one when my other pair expired. That was a dumb move. I know. But, oh well. I think it was about time to get a new lens case. And look what I found. With all the Hello Kitty madness goin' on, how can I resist such a cute case like this. I don't know if this would just make me wanna store my contacts.

    So, this weekend, I'm gonna be in search of this HK case at my nearest Sanrio Shop. Wee...

    Oh and btw, before I forget I just wanna say thank you to those of you who suggested and left comments regarding which color to get. I really appreciate the small time you took to leave me a msg. I do get back & reply to each and everyone of ya.



    Anonymous said...

    Omg, the case is super cute!

    eri said...

    i really wanna get some of those contacts!

    and how cute is that HK contact case!?!?!?

    Makeup Mama said...

    I hope you're feeling better girl! I know how much bad backsd suck :(

    btw, I have that contact case!

    xoannie said...

    Aw what a cute case! I really want one now! Where did you end up ordering your lenses at?

    Yas said...

    Feel better! That case has got to be the cutest contacts case ever. I can't wait to see you rock those lenses!