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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Born Lippy Raspberry and then some

    I'd have to say, this is one of my favorite lip balm. I've been using it since and I always make sure I don't run out of it. It's one of those things I cannot live w/o. Like, when I go to the Supermarket (hahaha) or when I go for a walk, or when I don't wanna wear any make up.. it's something wearable Day/Night.Ü

    • glossy/shiny

    • sweet tempting flavor
    • leaves lips soft & smooth

    • it lasts all day

    • moisturizes & conditions the lips
    • small & cute, perfect for your purse.Ü

    • affordable
    • You have to use your finger to apply to the lips
    Look how pretty it is. I'm not even wearing any lipstick or lipgloss or anything...just that!

    . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ......... ........... ............. .................

    I was kinda bored when I got home, so I just played with make up. Ü
    As you can see, the BB cream I used here is kinda light. Didn't bother to mix it w/ my darker shade liquid foundation cuz I didn't wanna waste it just for the heck of doin' it for nothing. I was gonna wash my face after this anyway. Hehehe..Ü

    ♥CAMWHORING GALORE♥..bwahahahhaa.Ü
    Right when I was about to take pictures w/ my dgcam, the batt died so I had to use my phone's camera instead. It completely washed out the colors though. Oh and, thanks to the Tea Tree Oil Night Lotion that I've been using for the past couple of weeks now, my blemishes & scars are almost gone..Wooohooo! That's why I'm keeping the tea tree oil's in my regimen from now on.


    • BB Cream + mineral foundation
    • MAC e/s black tied - all over lid up a bit to the crease
    • Markwins e/s purple sparks - middle lid
    • MAC e/s cranberry - outter V blended inwards
    • MAC e/s claire de lune - as highlight to browbone
    • Brown e/s for brows + MAC Brow Finisher in Beige Blonde
    • Curled lashes + Falsies
    • The recent Blush that I got..the PINK one
    • NARS Laguna to contour
    • MAC tinted Lipglass in Prrr

    Me & my fishy fish face. LOL Ü

    Something decent and boring. I suck at this foreal!

    Thank god I'm finally learning how to shape my brows. Haha. It didn't take me forever to figure it out. But I gotta admit, reading blogs made it much easier.


    Like you thought I would really cut my hair that short. HAHAHA. (well, I did, ONCE!)
    I just thought it was messed up because the layered part at the back was thick and then the rest of the hair was left all thin and still long. But then again, it's all good now. I got rid w/ so much that's been weighing me down, it felt like a drag. HAHA. I've always thought having long hair was more sexxxay. =) But ya know, that's just me. My opinion. =)

    I'm using MAC Tinted Lipglass in Prrr. Like Paris Hilton does. I've read in one of her books that it's her favorite. Ü AND FYI, yes, I do own her CONFESSIONS OF AN HEIRESS book.HAHA. Pls. don't hate me.


    I actually have a couple of more pics that I wanted to add to this post. HAHA Sorry.
    Btw, I'm new at this whole make-up experiment, so please bear with me. =)

    That's all for now. Buh-byeeeeeeee! =)


    miemiemie said...

    wth! your hair looks fantastic! you're rocking it! ano ka ba! hahaha kala ko naman sobrang pumangit hair mo haha you are so pretty, you remind me of roxanne from ch.2/tfc hahaha

    Neeyuh said...

    That's a really pretty lippie! You look totally gorgeous in all the pics, the fishy face is cute!! hehe. :)

    Anonymous said...

    wooo love the camera whoring!!! so so soo pretty!! there aint nothing wrong w/paris hilton...well actually there are a lot !hahaha!! it's ok, i like her too

    and yes u somewhat look like roxanne from TFC, but of course ur prettier!!

    beeyoutiful7 said...

    Hey pretty lady =)
    Look at you and your pretty make up you did !!!

    so springy ~~ ! can't wait for weather to be warmer !! yea ?


    Rochelle said...

    I love your hair and that's what I said you look like roxanne Lol♥ Are you currently in the P.I.?

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    I don't mean to be conceited or anything but when I was in Mall of Asia in the Phils. I was gettin' coffee @ Starbucks, as soon as I entered, the baristas just looked at me and said, "Hi Ms. Roxanne what can I get for you?" LOL WTH. HAHAHA. I am honestly flattered that people actually see a resemblance and it's a great compliment but I know she's so much more prettier. I was trying not to look like her anymore though..hahaha... =)
    BUT Thanks..really.. I very much appreciate y'all liking my effort. I'm just new at this. And thanks to you guys who are experts, I have people to look up to. =)

    Vanessa said...

    You are so adorable! I like your hair! I think it would look awesome short, I have always wanted shorter hair but I can't pull it off my face is too round and fat haha

    eri said...

    i love your hair!!!!

    ooh, maybe i'll go check out that lippy!

    Ladyfei♡ said...

    Lipglass looks cute on u!
    And the eyeshadow looks sexay =D
    Love it! I used to wear born lippy when i was in hsc everyday!! smells yummy!

    Anastacia said...

    Great pix! You have very flawless skin! Love it! Gorgeous!

    Anonymous said...

    greattt hair Leigh! & I love you with falsies... super pretty!=]

    Anonymous said...

    what kind of bb cream did u use? you look gorgeous! and that lip cream looks really yummy!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    Missha Watery BB Cream.Kinda light for me but I managed to darken my shade with a lil bit of mineral foundation.LOL I think I forgot to mention that. Hhehehehe..Ü

    Anastacia said...

    Stopped to say Hello and Thank you soooo much for visited me again and dropped that very sweet comment to me :) <333

    FuN and MakeUp said...

    lovely pix!!! that lipbalm is soo shinyyyy...

    Whit said...

    i LOVE your brows babe!!! you are simply beautiful!!

    Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

    your eyes look amazing, gorgeous lippie colour too!!

    AmoreVintage said...

    hahah I'm giving my Born Lippy Strawberry out in my contest xD I live in Finland.... didnt know that the bodyshop exist in other countries xD

    You look really pretty!!! love ur reviews <3