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    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Yay for Vacay

    As I've mentioned from my previous post,
    my VL (vac. leave) has been officially approved! YAYAYAY!
    I wasn't thinking of Paris, Hawaii, or South Africa..

    I just wanted a time off with the family, friends and relatives
    back home.
    Yes. HOME! and perhaps 10 days of Singapore/Malaysia.Ü

    Nothing beats the fun in the sun in the P.I.

    I wanna explore, relax and see a completely different place.
    (okay,maybe not too different...)
    PLUS, go gaga over shopping! and maybe, just maybe...
    I can come meet a couple of beauty blog
    gers. Yey!
    Ahhh...I can't wait...but that's not until 3 more months.. Booohooo.. :(
    but the great thing is, my VL is the same month as my bd
    ay!! woot*woot*
    I'm actually thinking of celebrating my bd
    ay in 3 parts..
    Part 1 - Dxb Love
    Part 2 - P.I. Ü
    Part 3 - singapore!
    WOW! Ü I must be saving by now, eh? hahahaha..
    Weeeeeeeeee........happpiee happpi

    Mum & I, out in the city of 'gapore.. (2 yrs ago..)
    Okay, I wish I was this skinny again..hahaha.. =P
    My baby cousin who lives in Singapore..
    It's actually my 3rd time to go to Singapore...
    but the last time I was there, they had a pretty bad weather,
    so I didn't
    get a chance to explore much of this one
    beach they had called Siloso.
    It reminds me of
    Boracay in the Philippines but its rather smaller though.

    Anyhoo, this is what I really wanna see in Malaysia besides their skin care products
    and other makeup related stuffs.. =)
    the Petronas Tower..


    K said...

    Come to Japan!!!!

    Ladyfei♡ said...

    thank yoU!
    i wanna be skinner bout 1-3 kilos only :D dont worry hehe..

    i wanna go to malaysia, its a nice place for shopping.

    Anonymous said...

    how exciting!! i need a vacay far away from here!!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    @ K: Oh wow! U have no idea how bad I wanna see Japan! It's been my dream eversince!

    @ Ladyfei: I thnk you're weight is perfect. but maybe 1 kilo won't hurt..hehehehe... omg! yea, shopping in malaysia is like no other!

    @ Kat: You should def. go for a looong vacay...treat yourself.Ü

    Anastacia said...

    WOW! Super cool pictures!
    Great vacay!

    ohhh! and by the way! I changed my blog URL on
    Please, check it out :)

    Anastacia said...

    Hey, Leigh! Thank you for visited me!
    Yes, I changed my blog URL on
    This link more easy for my friends :)

    Anonymous said...

    leigh lucky you!

    ahh i need your address again leigh.. don't worry... i didn't forget about u... could u please email me your address again? thanks!

    *Nehs* said...

    wow! very xciting leigh!

    miemiemie said...

    oooh when will you be here in the philippines? ha! if you'll be staying in manila, oh man. i won't be able to see you then...thanks for the bday greeting love :)

    Anonymous said...

    Hi hi.. yes I finally did the tag. haha and I'm so corny coz I didn't tag anyone. lol.=D how are you?? enjoy your vacation!!!!! beautiful pictures.

    Iyah said...

    You're so pretty! You kinda look like this celebrity in P.I. named Roxanne Guinoo (sp?) You're so lucky you're going to visit P.I.! I miss P.I. Sooo much!

    M said...

    that last pic of the towers... wow!