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    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Graduation and more

    Wooohooo! Today is my brother's big day. He just graduated from College!!! He & I took the same course which is Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. It's actually a pre-med course
    (I wanted to be a Dr. eversince I was five!)
    Gawsh. I can still remember how excited I was when I first started my Medical Internship (24hrs duty @ the Hospital, undying love for phlebotomy, Clinical Chemistry 10x, Hematology, Urinalysis, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Histopath, & so much MOREEEEEE!!!
    -passing Midterms & Finals, the excruciating pain of studying = tears, blood & sweat,
    term papers && Thesis..Ugh! I went thru so much during my College years..

    But the thing is, everything paid off like how it did for me and for my brother.

    REMINISCING MINE: lol 4/11/08 Ü

    It was so HAWTTT & sunny outside!

    Didn't do much with the make-up. Just kept it really simple w/ pink lips.

    15 mins. break. That's my index finger! ^.^

    The people behind my success & happiness.. my aunt, grandma & grandpa.
    My grandmother took care of me ever since I was 2 months old!!! She spoiled me like a princess but raised me well enough to know what was right from wrong. Ü
    My grandfather who used to drive me to school, makes me breakfast and the one who bought me my 1st stethoscope.

    My coolest tita! She knows me so well. She's like my 2nd mum.Ü

    Mum & I. Who couldn't be more thrilled & happier! ONE DOWN! FOUR TO GO! Oh no wait, now I wanna see the look on her face after my bro's graduation.
    WOOHOO! (I still have 3 more siblings studying.) Talk about ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! A pic w/ my bro who just came from his Night Duty @ the hospital. NO SLEEP!!! He was so sweet. He didn't wanna miss my graduation so he carried the videocam the entire time.Ü SIBLINGS LOVE!Ü

    Last but not least, my BROTHER! who just graduated today. I will post his grad pics right after my little sister uploads them. I am so excited. BTW, my dad who's feeling a bit better now, is currently in the Phils. to celebrate my bro's grad. I'm so happy for them. I'm like the only one who's not there. =( Actually, I planned on coming home to Manila this April, but due to the recession going on, I opted to stay and work so I can save rather than spend on an airfare that's like waaaay too much on one day. Although, I will still try to take a leave this year to spend at least a week or two with the whole family.
    Anyhoooooooo, this post is dedicated to my brother who followed the same dream that I had, we've been thru a, when we were little, we loved going to the park, play @ Chuck E Cheese, eat ice cream @ Baskin Robbins, pizza,neoprints LOL, watch movies, etc.
    Since being the eldest, I was really tight with the whole family. He was also very much protective of me during the years when I was dating, he's like my kuya (big bro)
    These photos were taken last year during our cousin's wedding.
    Btw, I caught the bouquet. HEHEHE. ÜMy brother's who are like 10-12 inches taller than me!BROTHERS again..and my one&only sister. Ü



    FuN and MakeUp said...

    awww how cute! lovely family.. congrats to ur bro! but it almost looks like its ur grad! haha

    eri said...

    congrats to your brother! :)
    great family pics!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    LOL @ Jes! HAHAHA! I reminisced too much from my graduation,didn't I?Heheehee..sorry about that.

    Thanks Eri! =)

    Anastacia said...

    you looks soooooo pretty!

    M said...

    congratulations missy! ;)

    Neeyuh said...

    You look so happy in your grad pics! Congrats on that and Congrats to your brother too! What a nice looking family you have! :)

    Anonymous said...

    first of all, i am glad ur father is feeling much better..

    congrats to u n ur brother!! wow!! so what kind of doctors do u n ur brother want to be? my bff just recently decided to want to become a doctor again and i am always convincing him to become a plastic surgeon. hahaha y not some discount on my boob job..hahaha

    anywho, u have a beautiful family, Leigh!!

    Jaimie said...


    Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

    many congrats!! you look fabulous too, gorgeous hair :)

    Anonymous said...

    aww congrats.. hehe looked like a lot of fun and good times

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    You are so beautiful. :) The attire you have fits your self. The make up, the hair style and the dress. Nice.