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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Pink, Gray and Pretty Pink Lips

    I figured my other post was a BLAH! So, I made another one which is more even BLAH than ever. ARRRG! I'm running out of ideas to post about! LOL. I did a pink + gray look today to kinda match what I was wearing. (Top from H&M)The camera's I used didn't do justice to the colors & apparently washed some of it away. Booo!!! I am so not good at this shieh. PLUS, I'm still having a hard time putting on falsies. *sniffles* S.O.S Ü

    Moving on, I also revisited my MAC lipglass in Gold Charm. I love this stuff!
    It has this tiny gold glitters in it and it makes your lips pop! HAHA Ü

    So yea, just a quick post.. au revoir!

    additional: (can I add one more photo?LOL)
    Okay, make that two.Ü
    (CHANGED my lip color Essence' Glam Girl, it's like a fuschia pink color.)


    Neeyuh said...

    You look pretty! I'm a newbie to falsies so I have a hard time too, but putting them on takes some practice and you also have to find your own technique that works and when you do you'll be a pro! :D

    FuN and MakeUp said...

    i love the 2nd pic! oHh soo puRrtyyy!

    Ladyfei♡ said...

    you look so pretty, cute lip color! ^_^ whats your contact lense brand? its super pretty!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    Aww Neeyuh! Thanks for telling me that..This is probably my 2nd time trying on falsies..& I still suck at it! HAHA! I hope I learn a technique real soon..Hmmp..

    Thanks Jes! =) I think both pics look kinda retarded LOL. haha..didn't know which pic to put so I ended up w/ both haha.

    Halluh @ Ladyfei..on this post, I am using my Acuvue Colored Lens in Hazel Brown.Ü I love this soft lens!

    Anastacia said...

    HI, hunn! you looks soooo pretty1 Love your beautiful skin!

    Anonymous said...

    very pretty honey!! don't worry honey, in no time u'll be putting on lashes w/one hand!! it just takes a couple of time to get the hang of it and when u do become pro, u will be wearing lashes to the grocery store!! hahahaha or maybe not

    Vanessa said...

    Hi Leigh! Thanks love for the sweet compliment! I am loving the lipglass on you in this post!

    JAYXONLY said...

    I know how you feel.. haha.. I've been trying to learn to put on those falsies forever.. HAHA.. I gave up though.. Don't give it up like I did !haha.. Take care !

    *Nehs* said...

    love the last photo! sooo pretty!