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    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Happy Easter

    Yipeeeeeeee!! Easter L♥ve!
    HAPPY EASTER to all my Lovely Bloggers!

    While everyone else is celebrating Easter, hunting for eggs, gettin' their basket's filled with chocolate's...I'm stuck here, sitting, bored and WORKING!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I'M WORKING!!! ON A SUNDAY!!! AND IT'S FREAKIN' EASTER for gawdsake! WHAT?! I can't even have fun?! UGH! God knows I've been fasting lately. Not eating meat or what not. LOL. I know, this sucks bigtime. :( I can do all the complaining I want,
    but I know it's not gonna change anything. =(
    I've celebrated Easter before, but to me, it has always been much of a big deal. Esp. when you're surrounded with family & friends. And also, when you have one of those Easter games, create your own fun Easter baskets, dye eggs, Easter decor confettis...ARrrrrrrghh!!! Huhuhuhu

    Well, anyhoo, enjoy your Easter Day.Ü
    Don't worry about me, I'll get through the day..(hopefully w/o being all bitter & sh^t) HEHEHE

    BTW, I just wanna take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my new followers. *clap*clap* && also, just a quick shout out to say thank you for leaving me sweet comments. I really appreciate it.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!Ü


    Anonymous said...

    happy easter!

    FuN and MakeUp said...

    Happy Easter to you too sweets!

    Anastacia said...

    Have a Great Weekend!!

    Iyah said...

    Happy easter as well :)

    PS: No i have not used all of my eyeshadow but most of them yes.. :)