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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    FRIDAY Hair Gone Wrong

    I was all out Friday since it's my only day off from work.
    I wanted to sleep late because I barely have enough sleep on weekdays.
    But then again, I figured, I wanna go to church so I def. had to get up early so I wouldn't miss the mass. ^_^
    Right after that, my friends and I went to a nearby mall. Woohoo!
    I bought some stuffs at Body Shop & picked up a couple of other stuffs as well.
    [I will try & post about the stuffs I got LATER.)

    Anyhoo, about the HAIR CUT.. I am so devastated. I just got it last night. I look like a weird anime if I may say. Hhh...(I wore my hair up in a ponytail today at work.Huhuhu)
    I don't even know if I'll be able to put up some pics with my hair lookin' all weird like this. Hhh..
    Be back with more LATER.Ü

    Btw, upon reading
    post regarding how much her blog was worth, I gave in to see mine. HAHA.Ü
    Turned out that
    Website Worth: $481.80
    I think you should all try it..Ü


    miemiemie said...

    why sis what happened to your hair? post a photo para makita'll grow out parin sis don't worry..yes the photos were taken in baguio :)

    miemiemie said...

    ganon!? have you tried curling the ends? para bang uhm.ano kasi tawag dun..argh i can't recall the name..basta i'll tell you when i do.. hahaha nge! i do house work here in pinas sis. we don't have a maid anymore. natrauma na kami, hahaha super duper bad experience back in college years so now wala na. no more hiring of maids. i do wash dishes but i've never handwashed clothes -_-

    Makeup Mama said...

    hey girl, I went through that last year and I was devastated! I'm so picky about my hair, but the stylist just didn't listen at all. I asked for thick bangs and ended up with really short wispies. and the back was uneven. it was one of those asian rooster haircuts...and cuz it was so short I couldn't even put it up or pin it back. it was so bad, but luckily, it's just hair and it grew back pretty quick. so don't worry so much!

    M said...

    oh nooo, what happened with the hair cut? too short?

    oseliciouz said...

    why what happened 2 ur hair? Oh my! I was just planning to have my hair cut as well plus i bought some stuffs at bodyshop too! i miss you! come home soon so we can buy things together..ha ha!

    eri said...

    oh no! maybe you're just in shock because of the change and you'll like it in a few days? sometimes that happens to me when i do a drastic cut...

    Anastacia said...

    awe! it's so saaad!

    miemiemie said...

    yes! that's it,MULLET hahaha. i was picturing it in my mind but i just couldn't remember the name -_- i'm getting old hahaha

    aww thank you so much dear,that means so much to me :)

    ♥ Kendall ♥ said...

    Awww, don't worry it will grow & if you don't want to wait hit up your Beauty Supply Store and BUY SOME HAIR!!!! :) If your interested in extensions or have any questions ask me! I don't mind sharing my vast & useless knowledge of extensions :)