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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Tea Tree Oil and Blushes

    Hello world! Ü
    I was supposed to post this earlier, but I fell yeah..LOL
    I had a pretty long day at work today...Pff.. ^.^x
    Plus, the fact that I managed to squeezed in a mini post down there.Heehee.
    But uhmm..Enough with the rants about how messed up my haircut turned out..
    Lemme show you a couple of things I picked up yesterday. It wasn't much since I really had nothing particular in mind that I needed or what not. But ya know, when it comes to shopping..there is no saying NO to it. Soooo, we go..

    First off, I went to The Body Shop cuz I heard they had this great deal where you buy 2 mini body butters & get 1 free. I was up for it, but then this light yellow tub caught my eye. I opened it and gawd did it smell heavenly. (Lemme remind you that I'm a little allergic to scents. I mean, some scents would gimme the worst headache EVERRR. Even if they smelled sooo good or yummy. Ugh! It's almost annoying.) SO, I'm picky when it comes to anything that has fragrance. Huhuhu =(

    But this MORINGA's body butter scent was good for me. Ooh, this reminds me this one flower in the Philippines, sampaguita..HAHAHA.Ü But this one is gooooooooood to my senses.

    Next, I got the Tea Tree Oil in a cute green bottle. Look how small it is. Heehee.Ü
    You can dab this onto your skin/face which helps you control oil, blemishes, & prevents new ones w/o overdrying your skin. It actually contains pure tree tea oil diluted to 15%. So, no worries.Ü

    I also threw in a tea tree oil soap bcuz I heard it's a good cleansing agent and helps to condition the skin. It doesn't give off any fragrance w/c means it's just natural & organic.Ü

    && cosmetics-wise, there was nothing in the Body Shop that I liked, except for that blending brush that I bought a couple weeks back...Hhh...

    AND THEN, I came across these babies. It's a mini haul for now.

    2 Blush
    1 foundation
    eyebrow shaver
    twin mascara
    Will do reviews soon.Ü

    I don't have this blush color, so I got this. Ü Kinda like a coral-peach w/ shimmers
    & you can see how pigmented it is. It also came w/ a mini brush w/c I don't think I'll be using.

    The packaging isn't all that, but that's okay. I can carry this w/ me in my purse
    to easy access for touch-ups. Ü I will wear this one day for an FOTD. (maybe)hehe
    With FLASH
    W/o Flash

    Here's the 2nd blush that I got. Again, the packaging is lame, but the quality ain't bad at all. Look how pretty they are. Light/Pink. Ü & this reminds me of MAC's WELL DRESSED blush. A pretty pink satin color. =)I just thought it was cute =) Heehee.Ü

    And now, I leave you with our little munchkin's random snapshots. She loves to play bubbles. HAHA.Ü

    Say hello to Baby Cheska.Ü


    K said...

    What a beautiful child!!

    I love body butters, but some of them smell too strongly for me...

    Ladyfei♡ said...

    CUTE BABY <3

    I always wanted to try Teatree oil from body shop. Is it good for you?

    Anastacia said...

    So adorable pretty babe! Sooo pretty!

    Like your new stuffs! looks very fresh 'n cool!

    LOVEpink said...

    ohh let us know how the tea tree oil works! im planning on trying their starter kit for their tea tree stuff

    eri said...

    she is such a cutie!!!!

    ♥Leigh♥ said...

    @ K: Thanks. and yes,I love bodybutters,too.They make the skin tight&soft.I know what ur talking about,some scents are just waaay too much.

    @ Ladyfei: I've been using the Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion for 3wks now and I see good changes on my skin. The acne scar are fading somehow and I don't get zits anymore.I love it.So,I also wanted to try the oil & soap to go along w/ my regimen. =)

    @ Anastacia: Thanks A! =) I have new stuffs to try out! YEY!!!

    @ LOVEPINK: I completely forgot about the kit that comes w/ almost every tea tree oil they've got.I think I should've purchased the set instead of buying one by one.HAHA! I will do a review on these babies in a couple of weeks. Let's see how it turns out for me.

    @ Eri: Hi! *waves* Cheska says "thanks" LOL. She's turning 7mos. on the 14th! woohoo!

    Neeyuh said...

    Aww she is so beautiful and adorable!! :)

    Hmmm I think I should look into tea tree oil since I have really oily skin and have been getting acne scars lately. Those blushes look really pretty too, I've been on a huge blush kick lately everywhere I go I wanna buy them! lol.

    ♥ Kendall ♥ said...

    She is too cute!!!! Those cheeks!! I totally forgot what I was going to comment about now..... I HOPE when I have a baby it's as adorable as your little one.

    Iyah said...

    Hello Baby Cheska!! :) you are just too cute :)

    wow that blush is amazingly pigmented :)

    Anastacia said...

    HI! Just stopped to say thank you for visited me again :D

    ning * star said...

    aww, let me know how's the body butter work. I'm searching and eyeing for some body butter

    Vanessa said...

    I love tea tree oil! That stuff is heaven sent!

    osel olarte said...

    who doesn't love bodyshop?! =)