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    Thursday, December 11, 2008


    13 days to go..

    Every Christmas I was either with my dad in Cali or back home in the Philippines with the rest of my family and relatives. The best way to celebrate and spend the holidays is when you're with your family. YAY! Unfortunately, this year has got to be one of my most memorable Holidays because I am not either with Dad, Mum and the sibs. I wouldn't consider calling it a lonely Christmas. Or maybe it's just the feeling that comes with the season. It's just that I would feel much more attached with my brothers and sister when this time rolls by. Last year, was good for me, or perhaps, rather better than this year. I remember exchanging gifts with three of my brothers and sister. It was one of those treasured moments you wish you could've captured and from the moment on, I felt closer to each and everyone one of them. Moreover, during this season where hearts are open and people are mighty jolly good fellas, love is spread all around ya. And my home is full of it. For the past years of my life, spending this Xmas with most of our families and relatives makes 'em gather in our place this time of the year, singing in the karaoke, eating lots and lots and lots of homecooked meals, Xmas carols, going to the Church on Xmas eve, lighting candles and being merry all at once.

    For the sake of writing this post, I just wanna truly say that my home will always hold a special meaning in my heart. Not because I'm getting into the mushy Xmas spirit, but our home stands as the prized possesion of my family where I will always belong to. It sure does feel great to be back home this December, however, life doesn't always go the same way you want it to be. But I love home itself.

    Xoxo to my sibs! Y'all know how much I miss each and everyone of ya! Hopefully, Ima see y'all next year! Lotsa lovin!

    P.S. Have fun in L.A!!! Get me something when you get back from the Holidays shopping! LOL