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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    I have Angina Pectoris

    Ever since I could remember, I've always felt that tight squeeze in my heart whenever I would bottle up inside a reoccurring problem. Nor somehow past in my college life would feel stressed out about having to procrastinate before the big midterm exam or when I would be super upset about something. Let me tell ya, I have been admitted to the ER in several occasions. And it wasn't always a good feeling. Like when you'd think about dying. It was always the scariest.
    Before I left home a couple of months ago, this was one thing I was almost too afraid about, bcuz I knew that one time or another, this would happen. Not just a night ago but too many nights long ago, I have always encountered the same chest pain whenever I feel that something was bothering my mind or when I would constantly start missing some people. about emotional stress. But hell, it makes me deal with the life and death dilemma.

    Coming from a pre-med course during College, I learned that this chest pain symptom is caused by different conditions. When a chest discomfort occurs and feels as if there's a tightening, squeezing, or even pressure of a heavy thing right across the chest, then it might be Angina Pectoris. And how unfortunate of me to have this, I'd also feel these symptoms that comes along with it...heartburn, shortness of breath, cramping and even weakness. I know, it sucks. It sucks to be this way. To make things worse I remember exhaling and inhaling in a brown bag to catch my breath. So, I always have a small brown paper bag somewhere near me. I was told by a doctor that this was caused by severe emotional stress. And it occurs when there is a decreased blood oxygen supply to an area of the heart muscle. And can be relieved by rest and/or by a tablet called nitroglycerin which is placed under the tongue.

    So, right now, I'm still learning how to stay calm in times of stress to make things go smoothly or to simply keep cool just in case the pressure mounts.. :(


    Jason Sieckmann said...

    That sucks. I used to get a similar feeling when I would be out of MMA training for long periods of time. When you build your cardio up, and then have a sudden drop, you can get racing heart.

    It's sort of like taking huge caffeine shots when you never drink coffee.

    what is angina pectoris said...

    Angina pectoris is squeezing or tightening within the chest. It is also called chest pain. There are many causes of insufficient supply of blood to heart, angina pectoris such as stress, tension, excessive exertion. Angina pectoris is separated into two categories stable and unstable. Unstable angina pectoris is very much serious than stable angina. It is a minor issue but regular check is needed to prevent it.