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    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    New Tatts in My Dreams

    Like what I said about the Ladybug.. It's just too hard for me to resist. My goodness! Hhh.. Here I found a not so detailed kinda bug. It looks like a 4 y/o drawing, huh?

    Ladybug! Coming from the word itself, you dun wanna know why I wanna get this tatt. LOL. Hmm, the color is cute though, purple..Hmm..but I don't wanna make it look like a sticker patched in the back of my neck. at least not in my foot. LMAO
    And then there's this cherry that I wanna get in the side of my abdomen. LOL. It will sure look hot on summer when it's time to get wet 'n wild at the beach. LOL. Hhh, why do I even bother dreaming on getting 2 more tattoos..Heck! It's winter. And it will take a while for me to show it off. Hence, it's just another crazy random idea of mine I thought I'd wanna share y'all. HEHE.

    ALTHOUGH, I'm planning on getting my first tatt fairy re-touched prolly before the month ends. I just wanna make it more bold and colorful. I can't wait for Spring/Summer to come! Weee!


    ubiecakess said...

    haha thanks for posting that comment. i was playing around with my blog and decided to take the "followers" out i dont know why haha. NYX is pretty good. i love their round lipsticks! and their pigments <3 they're pure love

    hey did you use to go on MIRC? =/ haha you look so familiar!