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    Sunday, December 7, 2008

    What Annoys You The Most

    What is annoying? Irritating, to trouble the nerves or peace of mind, especially by repeated attacks..Bahhh! Whatever you may call it.

    Most of the time, there will come a moment in your life that an annoying person will ANNOY you! And I mean literally annoy you. He or she doesn't even realize how their behavior can be perceived by others. Though at times you can't just go straight up to them and tell them to shut the hell up or stop what they're doing just because the little things they do often get on your nerves. It doesn't necessarily have to always be that way. So, what are the most common things that annoys you the most? Here's a couple of what annoys me in the list. :) HAHA!

    -those who try waaay too hard. It's just so silly to see other people trying so hard to catch up on others just so they can tell themselves they're in the lead.
    -those who always try to laugh loudly the most at everyone's jokes. Y'know, even if they're not even funny at all or laughing at inappropriate times. Duh!
    -those who go through people's stuff even if they're private or not. It's like a violation of personal space, right? Tss...
    -those who brag about everything they've got. Or moreover, arrogant people who thinks they're better than anyone else.
    -those who complain a lot! And I mean, A LOT all the effin' time! It's so depressing and I just feel sorry for those who are like this. The world doesn't even revolve around them at all. They just gotta get over it & move on.
    -those who think they can have anything they put their hand to. Like for example, a friend comes over your place and starts going thru your stuffs asking if they can have this or that. Ugh! If I may say, nothing in life is for FREE! Nothing to be selfish about, but if they do it a lotta times, then they gotta go!