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    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    What Happens on Xmas

    This should be my early blog entry for the day where I shall be posting things & such.
    . .
    . . .

    Okay - Uhh - First off, I'm having the worst headache ever !!! I didn't get to sleep much last night because I was having this really bad leg cramps. I forgot to mention I slipped in the bathroom the other day & I don't wanna go on to the details about it. HAHA. So I guess this is why I'm hurting so bad. I already took like 5 pain reliever tablets & it didn't even work a bit. Damnit. I feel like getting sick this Xmas eve. AND this is sooooooo not HAPPENING!!! I don't wanna miss out!

    Continuation later before 12 midnight.......

    And so MIDNIGHT striked..and Wooohooo for the Noche Buena..I couldn't wait to eat..Gawd...the food really makes you salivate!



    TO cut things short what happened that night, I won a new LG mobile from our lil raffle draw and drink,drank,drunk!!! :) Slept @ 430 am! Soon to rise at the peek of the morning to go to church! YAY!


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