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    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    10 Tips to Get a Girl

    This isn't how he got me. LOL. But some basic tips I thought I'd wanna share to y'all.

    1. Always smile. (a grin is ok) Not in a weird or psycho way of smiling, just a sweet smile will do.
    2. Compliment. We love that. Compliment her shirt, say something like "Hey, I think your shirt looks good on you." Or whatever you see in her. Say something nice, but mean what you say. More importantly, compliment her on the little things she prolly worked on for hours/days just to impress you. (Now, she deserves that)
    3. Be her SUPERMAN! We like guys who'd stick up for us when bad or rude people gets in our way. It shows bravery.
    4. Have manners. Show her that you have good etiquette's. Who'd wanna date someone who's mean and rude? (Not me!)
    5. Don't be a jerk. It's a real turn off!
    6. Dress appropriately. We like guys who have their own style. Do not forget to include: Shower! That's a plus! Looking good and feeling good: definitely pays off.
    7. Look into her eyes when talking. Like what most people say, it's the window to the soul.
    8. Show confidence whenever/wherever possible. But DON'T BRAG.
    9. Show respect. You know what is right.
    10. Lastly, BE YOURSELF. A genuine person will like and eventually love you for who you are.


    Anonymous said...

    boring, give us some real advice...