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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Dubizzle Sizzles Scammers

    Take a good look at this. READ.

    Good Morning,
    Got your advert on here. Needed a PART-TIME representative within U.A.E to be my assistance since am presently outta the U.A.E to cast my vote in the USA will be back to U.A.E November Ending.I have an apartment within U.A.E & I want a representative to receive payment from my tenants. A compensation of 350aed will be paid daily. It Interested Reply Me Back with your Curriculum Vitae (CV), A copy of your Identity.

    Albert Aaron Morrison
    Universal Communications SUITE # 6130, 11435 N.W. 34th Street, Miami, FL 33178 USA Telefax: (206) 984-2437 Dubai,U.A.E Tel: (+971) 509 270 359 London,UK Tel: (+44) 703 591 2067 Email: Http://


    Seemed like a good part time offer huh?
    Same as what I thought it was. Clearly, it is a scam. Just like any other part time job hunters, I was fooled by this absurd ad. I was one of the few who have placed an ad on and recieved a malicious email like this. At first, I thought it was authentic. 'Til I replied and got answers which I knew were FAKE.

    Thanks for the prompt message.I currently reside in Sharjah,U.A.E beside SUNRISE Hotel opposite Al-Madihya Supermarket.I've been presently outta the U.A.E since lastweek monday to cast my own vote for OBAMA in the USA since am a U.S.A citizen.I have apartments i lease out to clients and my tenants want to make a payment to renew another month.So, i now hereby seek a representative i could trust within Dubai to receive payment from my tenants and new tenants who wants to make payment.Will send the LEASE AGREEMENT & RECEIPT to the representative on my behalf and then receive payment on my behalf and either have it deposit to my account or make it transfer to me in the USA.Awaiting to read back from you if interested.

    First of all, why on Earth would he get a representative to collect rental payments from his tenants? Couldn't he just make them send the money thru Western Union or something?

    I don't feel comfortable been doing my work myself.My Agent has left the U.A.E to pakistan his country and he has been the one receiving payment for me when am outta the U.A.EThey have not Labour Papers been approved to transfer funds to me to the USA.Without No Labour papers they have no access/means of transfering money to me via Western Union or International Wire Transfer.So i seek a representative with Labour papers approved with a residential visa.

    Secondly, I asked him if he had any other business here on U.A.E besides his apartment, (for another proof) and he said:

    No.Got only Houses to LEASE out within UAE.

    Which is apparently can he get a flat in the UAE without any residence visa? Not unless he is a local of the country. Tssssssss.. THEN, I dropped the subject. I completely neglected his e-mail. I felt like a fool exchanging e-mails with a complete stranger who was asking for my cv & identity card. Hhh...Another waste of my time.


    Dubai Property said...

    To answer your question, it is possible for someone who is out of UAE to acquire property let say flat or villa and have it rented out.

    But I am not sure if these e-mails are scam and I wonder what dubizzle will do if indeed it is a scams.

    lovedubai said...

    indeed this is a scam see this link...

    ♥Leighz♥ said...

    to dubai property:

    If you were in the same situation, would you trust someone that easily?esp. regarding money matters?Would you hire some representative to take charge of your rentals?Hmm..just a thought.

    Dubai Property said...

    Definitely not, what I would do is I will look for a respected Dubai Real Estate agents and let them do the work for me.