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    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Get Well Cakes

    What is it with this whole cake thing? When for all I know, cake is just often a desert of choice for meals and for particular occassions, such as birthdays, weddings and even anniversaries. Well, there's a lot of cakes. And I'm talking about varieties of cakes. Some are sponge cakes, cheesecakes, buttercakes, fruitcakes..and the list just goes on.

    However, just about a month ago, or maybe a few weeks back, as I cannot remember the exact date anymore, my significant other brought me a cake. And here is how the story went...

    I was in bed. Lying flat on my stomach. Yes, I like to lie down facing the bed with my belly lying flat on the mattress. I don't call it weird,but you get my point. So anyways, I was just randomly thinking about a few things that went down with my week. And then I fell asleep for a couple of good minutes. However, my annoying ringing tone from my other Nokia mobile kept me awake for a bit when it started ringing. It was him.
    He just said "hi" and wanted to know what I was up to. I said "nothing." Then he asked me this one IDK question. "are you sick?" I said, "Nah,just caught a cold this morning but it's nothing,really." And because my voice sounded like I just got up from bed..he thought I was madly sick. AND so yeah..a few hours later, he came over. And yes, you can guess it. He brought me a box of cake. I mean not just a small size cake but a huge chocolate cake that I would probably consume for about a week or so. I was puzzled for a moment asking myself, "Have I forgotten something? Like, an anniversary or occassion of some sort?" but when I opened this cake, as to my zealous surprise, the cake had an icing writing that says "GET WELL SOON." He swept me off my feet. Like seriously romantic as it was, I felt really captivated. Isn't he the sweetest thing? I didn't know catching a cold meant like a real ill situation that would earn me a cake. Hehe. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the rest of the day eating a piece of chocolate cake.Ü

    So, from then on, I dunno the meaning of giving cakes anymore. It doesn't matter what occassion it is, just as long as the person means a lot to you, then a cake will simply put a dazzling smile on their face.Ü