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    Sunday, November 2, 2008

    Falling Inlove . . .

    Hello world! If you have ever fallen inlove, then you know that you can feel 'happy' or 'miserable'. If you don't take the chance then you will never know how a loving feeling feels. Right? :)

    Love can either make you happy or rather can cause you great pain. Loving someone that loves you back is the goal of every relationship. The first thing to know is, if that someone really feels the same way as you do before going out and before becoming too emotionally invested. Try building a relationship first. However, some people do not like a person to be too giving. This will just cause a break-up because then, it becomes an advantage for that someone to use you. It might also overwhelm someone and that will scare them off and spoil the relationship. Take time and enjoy each other, mingle around, date, and if in time, you fall out of love or don't see it working, just accept it. There is really nothing you can do to change it. Just sieze the moment aand then go on with the flow of the future.

    However, if you really do love that someone, try go get back on track. DO NOT BEG! Just talk and see if there is a slight chance of getting together again. If the answer is no, accept the fact and go on.

    Do not let the situation get into you. Do'nt be afraid of loving someone new.