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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Sweet Love

    Have you ever felt the feeling of being treated like shit? Being left hanging with a question mark in your head asking what you did wrong? When you feel used and trashed, thinking all you did was to please the person you love the most and that one, two or even three unreasonable mistakes you've done can actually ruin everything in just one snap of a finger? Even if you didn't do them on purpose? Harsh isn't it? How such pain and no matter how many times you beg for forgiveness and for him to want you back, he will still treat you like shit as if you never existed. He simply says "NO! I don't love you anymore" and then makes you wonder more if he really did love you or did he just use you because he thought you were the one for him.

    Love is such a small word but can actually deceive you. It fades away so easily and to make it worse, it may break you into pieces like a puzzle that you, yourself, can never put back together. It is such a burden, so be careful with love. Know what it truly means for you. It may sound so sweet but can actually make you feel like shit. Such a sweet shit, eh?