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    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    When the Going Gets Rough

    After my high school graduation in California, my dad decided to give my 18th birthday back in the Philippines. And when I did, I chose to stay for a while and began my freshmen year in College. I lived with four of my siblings, my mom, our uncle who then was the one who drove us here & there and 2 maids. I had my own room, I would wake up in the morning where my bed would be made-up, breakfast on the table, & ready to go out. I didn't even worry about breaking a nail. I never washed my own clothes, I would have 'em vacuum my carpet & put up with all the mess that I've done. Life back then was as simple as it sounds. I will eat, sleep, watch tv, surf the net, sleep and then wake up the next day doing nothing. Clearly, I was living a life of a princess. Or so I thought I was.

    My dad, whom I stayed with in the States for years was even the one who would do my laundry when my grandma left. He would cook for me since I never had the time to stay home and learn about all the cooking stuffs. All I did was go to school, go to movies, swim and hang out with my friends. More over, when we had maids in the Phils., I was unable to do household chores.

    Turning the tables around..

    I'm done with College & now I'm working and living on my own. Independently...

    So much has changed. When I got here in Dxb, I thought I would cry my heart out. I was washing dishes, doing my laundry, ironing clothes, and picking up after the mess I made. It wasn't easy for me because I wasn't used to anything like this. But I knew right then that I had to suck it up and deal with the fact that not everything in life was made easy.

    There was even a time when I had to cook. & besides the recipes I knew from my Foods Class in High School which was pastry making, baking & cookie doughs, I was left with nothing. My first trial: Corned beef. Unfortunately, I failed. I thought you had to put water or something to it. Gross, right? :(

    I went through a rough time during the couple of months of my independent living abroad. I thought my dad would always be there for me, if not him, my grandma would. But life isn't always like that. There were things I had to learn within myself.

    Luckily, I have someone with me now who's been a big help. He taught me how to cook, do laundry and all that has to be learned.


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