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    Saturday, November 22, 2008


    Every now and then, the people that you once cared for the most are the ones you may or will, neglect the most. Sometimes you would take them for granted & sometimes feelings and aspirations of those closest to your heart will be easily forgotten just because you are always with them. But just a quick thought, appreciation takes too little time. Appreciating their presence in our lives is always something worth stopping for. I think it’s time to reflect and be thankful that this person is with us. It’s great to just open up our heart, hug them & let them know how much they mean to us.

    Sooo, to show my deepest gratitude and appreciation, I would like to take this opportunity to really thank the man upstairs for giving me this life and for surrounding me so many wonderful people one could possibly have. Secondly, my parents, especially my Dad. Who has been there for me since Day 1, loving me and providing me the best life anyone could ask for. (& I miss him a lot.) Next, is my other half who I'm grateful for because of the past obstacles & difficult circumstances that we've encountered along the way but still, he never gave up & managed to handle & worked through it. Last, but not least, my family & friends. I really appreciate the fact that they do actually listen when I ventilate out all my rage or when I get too annoying, not to mention my frame of mind a.k.a. as oppose to being fickle minded. Hehe. It really drives them nuts but I do, do, do feel gratified for all that life endeavors.

    And for everyone out there who might care to read on my blogs, this is for you..

    Happy Thanksgiving in advance.♥